Black Leggings

Hello darlings,

This project has a timeless proposal or at least a five-year shelf life, which is a giant time lapse in terms of fashion. Here I have presented four pieces of clothing that can be considered pieces of a perfect wardrobe. They are: Jeans Shirt, White Regatta, Long Black Skirt and White Shirt. Can we move on to the next one?

The next piece of our perfect wardrobe is the most comfortable piece in the world after our pajamas:the leggings! A black leggings is the right choice for busy days. She is a close cousin to another comfortable pair of pants, used for sports, calledfuseau pants , but without that strap that goes through her feet, people who have lived in the 1980s know her well. The fashion leggings is also an evolution of pantyhose and has been used by men also in ancient times.

The legging began to inhabit our wardrobes from the 1980s, with the emergence of fitness fashion, that is, leaving the house in the gym clothes and, thank God, stayed forever! I mean, if we’re wearing it thirty-something, I think it’s worth having one in the wardrobe, right?

I remember the first black legging I’ve ever seen! I was a kid and I already loved Sandy’s costume, Olivia Newton John’s character in the musical Grease. Is that you? Remember your first legging?

And to remember this iconic look, this clip that I love, why fashion and cinema have always been very close together, eh? I want to use it now!

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