2:0 for You with Chronos and Watch Magazine

Complete a subscription during the EM 2016 and receive two issues!

For our team, the European Football Championship 2016 is unfortunately already over. But you can extend the beautiful time beyond today’s finals: If you complete a subscription of Chronos or watch magazine today (July 10th, 2016), you will receive two issues free of charge.

What is special about Chronos? “Anyone who wants to buy a watch today from Insidewatch is first oriented to the brand,” says editor-in-chief Rüdiger Bucher. “In the second place is the design, then the technology comes. And precisely about these aspects, Chronos informs when it comes to clocks. ”

2:0 for you! Click here for the EM-abo of the Chronos for 80.90 Euro incl. 2 additional expenses.

And Rüdiger Bucher continued: “Whether we are testing a watch, introducing novelties or taking a look at a popular watch icon: We tell you what brands and designs are announced, what strengths and weaknesses the clocks have in their external and internal lives. We give you an overview – from the big brands to the interesting insider tip. And we represent the clocks for you in the environment for which they are made. ”

The Watch magazine combines the fascination of the mechanical clock with objective advice. Editor-in-chief Thomas Wavera: “Nothing ticks finer than a mechanical clock. We are Armhärchen the sound of this noise. We can’t get enough of this. ”

Results! Now the Watch magazine subscription to the EM 2016

For 81.70 Euro incl. 2 additional expenses.

“That’s why we research news every day,” says Thomas Wavera. “Looking for interesting complications. We enjoy artfully composed calibers. Inspire us with complicated chronographs. and want to share this enthusiasm with you. Not to rave about, but to advise. Around the clock. ”

So take advantage of the time of the EM 2016 to cheer and celebrate, and look forward to your subscription of the Chronos or the watch magazine with two free extra editions today! Gb

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