Fake Sunglasses: Dangers

As well as the skin, the eyes also deserve more care in the summer. This time of year, especially in tropical countries such as Brazil, the incidence of ultraviolet radiation is greater. So, nothing better to protect your eyes than sunglasses, but attention: fake models or with low quality lenses can be harmful and end up getting worse.

Main Risks.

In addition to sift through the full spectrum of UVA and UVB RAYS, low quality glasses do not offer warranty protection. When we’re in the dark, our pupil dilates to facilitate the entry of light. The same thing happens when we use glasses with dark lenses. Thus, poor quality glasses can cause ailments like pterygium, when it forms a skin on top of the conjunctiva (the white part of the eye) of triangular form. Another problem is the waterfall, when the crystalline lens (natural lens of the eye) loses the transparency. Exactly for these reasons, the low quality sunglasses can be harmful because, in addition to not protect the ultra-violet rays, dilate the pupil, enlarging the field of entry for these same rays. Lack of assurance in manufacturing, another risk is to present degrees or gaps on the lenses, which forces the eye to expend energy to correct the wrong vision (or “pie”) caused by them.

UVA And UVB Lenses.

Ultraviolet rays are electromagnetic radiation not perceptible to our eyes, as well as infrared rays. UVA radiation is more related to aging, while UVB radiation, the skin burns.

Essential Requirements Of The Sunglasses.

Filters against ultra-violet rays (UVA and UVB);

Certification that blocks the range of harmful radiation;

Lenses with proper format for the optical system of the eye – to see without aberrations.

The healthier lens is one that brings comfort, but needs a guarantee, with a quality seal, certifying that filter out UVA and UVB radiation.

Children X Sunglasses.

Children can wear sunglasses, but not always indicated, since they are very active and can get hurt with the accessory. In these cases, the ideal is that parents monitor their children’s sun exposure times in the most critical periods. This is a more effective and less dangerous to protect not only your eyes, but the skin of the labia.

When we use a fake sunglasses, the same does not have any type of study to be manufactured. That is, if a piece of acrylic or plastic into a Setup and ready. Due to lack of expertise in the production, the accessory may end up forcing our view, creating a greater curve in the lens and impairing the health of our eyes.

When buying a sunglasses, don’t save, choose an accessory with quality and warranty. His vision thanks.