Facebook started Testing of a Section Dedicated to Buying and Selling Marketplace items

Since 2007, Facebook has provided its users some tools enabling the small ads in which sell or search for used items. Over the past few years this function has become increasingly popular, to the point that entire groups were created with the mission to offer a meeting place for sellers and buyers were interested in items belonging to particular categories.

Facebook is always very watchful on those which are the main trends within its platform and looks like he’s working on a marketplace section easily accessible to the mobile client via your social networks. according to computergees. The new Marketplace section was spotted thanks to screen, belonging to a test version on Android, posted on Reddit, which show us the icon of the category and some of the information we provide about the creation of listings.

Obviously, for now it is unclear whether and when this function will be introduced in the final version of the client, however it could represent an interesting alternative to those who, today, are the main platforms for buying and selling of used as Immediately or Kijiji.

Remains to understand how Facebook intends to manage the display of the icons located at the top of the app. The screen show us that there are no dedicated icons to posts and requests. The first will be removed shortly to give way to the new section dedicated to video, while that devoted to requests seems to have been replaced by the Marketplace, a choice that might annoy a large share of users.

Can Facebook open to a more customized shortcuts, leaving the user the choice of what and how to display? As mentioned before the current pictures are from a test version, so none of this is yet final and every possibility is open.