Expand The Memory Of The Iphone

Many users know the problem with their iPhone. The memory is simply not enough. Here, one must not have the 16 GB version. Also the larger memory variants are filled more quickly than you think. By following means you can extend your iPhone’s memory.

When you purchase an iPhones or iPads, many think: “Oh what, 16 GB memory should totally meet.”Some iOS updates, App updates , and photos later, it means then: memory almost full. In addition to the typical and popular with security, but also very cumbersome way to connect the iPhone to the PC, pictures, videos and co. on this secure and to delete it then on the

iPhone, the synchronization with a cloud, such as dropbox, long time was the only alternative. Now a third possibility is spreading slowly but surely: memory sticks, which can be closed directly on the iPhone or iPad.

SanDisk iXpand

PhotoFast and Leef, also SanDisk brought their first Flash drive for iPhone and iPads on the market late last year. iXpand is the storage medium offered by SanDisk, on that we want to have a little look at this point. SanDisk’s storage solution is similar to a conventional USB flash drives at first glance, or say we: a slightly larger troubled USB stick. However, has iXpand not only a normal USB connector, but also one for iPhone and iPad necessary lightning connector.

With the iXpand Sync App and the connected stick, photos and videos can be synchronized easily. SanDisk also indicates that using the app, music and videos of all popular formats directly from iXpand on the iPhone can be played. The manufacturer advertises in addition with the following features:

  • Appropriate establishment of the app, iXpand copies photos and videos automatically to the connected.
  • The transmission speed of the medium should be fast enough to make a synchronization also traveling comfortable.
  • Files can be provided with a password and locked for third parties.

32 is available iXpand 16 memory sizes 64 and 128 GB, with prices currently are located – and thus not so cheap from €53 to €170,. But it is still cheaper than a new iPhone.

Mophie space Pack

If you want no sticks, can buy also a storage case. Mophie offers the Space Pack for it. These are a hard shell, with optional 32 GB and 64 GB. While the latter with €210 to beech suggests, the smaller storage version costs €160. The special thing about this memory is that it has a built-in rechargeable battery with a capacity of 3,300 mAh. Thus, you have a 2-in-1 solution.

Wireless hard drive

You can imagine just this as a normal hard drive. The only difference from conventional drives, however, is that the Wi-Fi hard drives are usable wireless. You are so perfect for mobile use. The drive produced a Wi-Fi network you you first need to connect to the. Then the manufacturer offers an app, which you can see the disk and can stream or transfer data.

Cloud services

Another way the store through outsourcing of media content to expand cloud services are. Potential providers are for example Google Drive, dropbox or iCloud. A certain amount of memory is free of charge for all providers. Who can retire more memory to this amount of memory not enough out, against payment. At Apple’s iCloud there are 5 GB free, and there are 50 GB for 99 cents a month. A disadvantage of these cloud services is that you must have an active Internet connection. When using the cloud should care to be just on the road, because the volume of the tariff can be used up quickly.


The idea itself, whether by SanDisk, Leef or PhotoFast, sounds interesting. The carrying and use of these media in everyday life is how practical and pleasant, must decide each probably. In any case interested but keep in mind: these sticks are meant for documents, photos and videos. For the storage of apps, they are not appropriate.