Essence Nail Art Piercing Set

The last frontier of piercing? What the nails!

The cosmetics company Essence has created the Nail art as described in manicure tools set piercing, a kit consisting of a steel rod that serves to create a small hole on the nail to insert one of the rings with pendant included in the package. In the set there are six small rings and two pendants in the shape of star and brillantino.

Passionate of nail art, when I saw it, I could not help but buy it. Once home, though, I Doubts have arisen: it will be easy to pierce the nail?

And above all, it will not be too big a hole? Thus, in the throes of a thousand doubts, I said to myself: if the effect does not like it, just cut the nails.

Once reassured, I tried immediately Nail art piercing September of Essence. Do you want to know the result? The piercing gives to my hands a touch of femininity and originality. I’m very satisfied! Now I will explain how to proceed.

The kit is easy to use. First of all one must unscrew the rough part of the rod and screw on the contrary, so as to obtain a sort of “mini trapanino”. Lightly pressing on the tip of the nail and turning it clockwise, it will form a tiny hole. Then just insert a small pendant ring with a choice, and there you have the piercing nail! I can assure you that it is easier to do than to explain.

The price? Only 2,49 €! The products Essence you can buy in Oviesse and Upim stores.