Electronic Arts Confirms That Origin Will Make Your Arrival to Android

Times are changing in video games, also in the largest companies as it is Electronic Arts. This company has its store of games in digital format, Origin, store that does not have the best of reputations in the world of gamers, since a disastrous DRM features and an after-sales service that is all a lottery.

But that does not prevent them to aspire to be in all possible markets, even if that means strong bet on the market of terminals with Android, which is what have been announced at Gamescom that is taking place at the moment. And he does it big, wearing the aforementioned digital store of Origin to terminals with Android.

This takes a while considering and already finally receives official confirmation from the company. That Yes, at the moment nothing precise is known on this movement as well as the intentions, there is no release date, no games that will nor the games prices in this store in its version for mobile.

If we put ourselves in the role of seers, bet that in this store We would find us games exclusives, at least temporary regarding Google Play so that Google is not the 30% of the sale value of the games. We should not discard the idea that are to receive discounts and promotions, varied, although everything is in the hands of Electronic Arts