Ecological Designer French Stickers are Brought Together on Display

Ecological designer French stickers are brought together on display.

Antoine Tesquier Tedeschi, creator of the Hu2 brand Design of artistic and sustainable adhesives, will have his work exhibited in store in the city of Are Paulo.

The works of the French designer Antoine Tesquier Tesdeschi are spread by more than 15 countries by way of functional and ecologically correct  adhesives . And as of March 8, 2012, they can be seen at an exhibition in the city of Are Paulo.

The show will bring together the best-selling stickers at from Hu2 Design , created by Tesdeschi, as well as pieces created especially for Brazil. Among the displayed stickers are the authentic posters that are part of a special and limited series, signed by the designer, with certificate of authenticity.

Tedeschi’s best-selling creations, the Check List, To Be recycle and Bills Reminders , have won Portuguese versions that are part of the exhibit and will also be available in exclusive packaging.

The exhibition of the French designer Antoine Tesquier Tedeschi goes until March 31, 2012 at the  Choix concept store  in Pinheiros, Are Paulo.