Ear B & W C5 Series 2: First Grip

After the test of the new helmet to arch P5 series 2 Bowers & Wilkins (B & W for short), we are now testing the new version of the brand, the C5 series 2 -ear headset . His predecessor had enjoyed it, it will be the same with the 2014 version?

First good news, B & W has retained the original design of the first C5. There are finely ornate headphones, the fastening system Secure Loop that gives it a unique look as well as the external filter microporous. For reminder, the Secure Loop system consists of a loop of cable that fits into the ear and adjusts to fit there perfectly. More or less well supported according to the sensitivity of each, this system has the advantage to be customized 100%. As our auditory pavilions are not strictly identical, Secure Loop offers the opportunity to set distinctly in each ear. Looking more closely, we notice that a graduation allows the user to store its setting. -Captive-cable is still as thin but is finally more solid as it seems. We regret however that the connector jack is not bent. Thereby it is more sensitive to the folds and is therefore fragile.

The B & W C5 series 2 comes in the same package as his older brother. Inside we find, in addition to the helmet beautifully highlighted, 2 sous-compartiments. One contains the usual documents (warranty booklet, booklet of presentation of the brand, and quick start guide) while the other hosts a small carrying case – quilted – shaped and 3 sets of soft silicone tips. The series 2 C5 cable measuring 1 m 20 and includes a remote control with microphonecompatible iPod, iPhone and iPad.

First and foremost, it should be to choose carefully the tip fits your ear and perfect adjustment of the loop. During a first trial, I badly set the loop cable and too depressed the earpiece in my ear. In addition to the lack of comfort, restitution was totally distorted, with a pervasive serious and a mid-high drowned in the mass. So I recommend taking the time to play with the setting of the loop and test each nozzle to achieve the best combination. Only then remained to connect the C5 series 2 to a MP3 player, a Cowon Z2 in this case. Tested on many types of music, B & W helmet surprises with a grave that go down. “If This Isn t Jazz” of Patricia Barber (Companion album) bass present support for restitution. The mid-high may suddenly seem a bit off. But passing unless the”Grog” of the salseros of Africando, we realize that the C5 series 2 is rather transparent and transcribes the audio message attributed to him. Still missing a hint of extension in high frequencies according to me. The advantage is the C5 series 2 avoids any aggressiveness. So I think my auditory memory, the C5 series 2 shows a little more dynamic than the C5 first draft, without the level of the best on this point. Listening to the great album “Diasporas” of Victor O confirms an always also significant tonal accuracy but also a perfectible dynamics. In another style, listening to the good old tube “Around the World” Daft Punkshows that the C5 series 2 can be versatile. He transcribed many impacts and shows up very much alive on this title.

The B & W C5 series 2 requires a few tests and settings to give the best of himself. In Exchange for these few efforts, it offers a great versatility and undeniable sound qualities. The system owner will not suit everyone but he made a proof of its effectiveness. A good helmet over the assets of Bowers & Wilkins.