Dresses Fashion in 2016

Meet the fashionable dresses that will bombing in 2016? The fashion has within itself several subdivisions. One of these subdivisions is the fad, fashion and style. It is based on these three concepts that the fashion pieces (whether clothing, footwear, accessories) are produced and sold us. The fact is that they are not produced randomly.

Fashion, Style and Trendiness

These three concepts define how fashion is imposed on us, buyers. The style is all that is part of the individual’s personal taste. Generally, the style is composed of parts that do not have the time, as in the fad and fashion. We can cite as an example jeans, white shirts, little black dress.

Fashion is the fashion pieces that are planned, where there is a trend of research that makes the piece is created. Usually they have a period of rise, peak and decline. The collections that brands create (monthly, semi-annual) is a fine example of fashion. But the fad has this period of rise and decline, only has the summit and when people sicken of such product, discard it. Usually they come up with soap operas, movies, singing, among others, such as tiaras flowers “emerged” with the singer Clarice Falcão or asymmetrical Chanel court that “came” with singer Rihanna.

The Fashion Collections

Fashion collections are created based on various aspects. Fashion designers and stylists studying historical and nature movements, and be inspired by movies, music, historical periods and all that can inspire them to create collections. The collections at topschoolsoflaw often mark a period, such as New Look, Dior, who scored 40 and 50, or the collection of pantsuits of Yves Saint-Laurent, who scored 70.

Giving more recent examples, we can mention the collections that had as its theme the colorblocking, around 2011 and 2012, the colors candys in 2012 and 2013, the mullets dresses in 2013 and now in 2016, the prints of fruit.

Dresses Fashion Trends for 2016

Fashion is something that comes and goes, as many current pieces are inspired by parts of old. So it’s worth taking some research and find out what the clothes are up this year.

Short dresses

The short dresses are up. You can put your legs out without fear of being happy. You can bet on more just dresses like the little tube, but can also bet on more voluminous skirts as her skirt flared.


The dresses are also fashionable, but with one small detail: the women are using them to abuse the slot. Generally the slits reach the height of the groin. These dresses ask for a fancier occasion like a graduation.
Scraps unusual.

In full 2016 people do not want to look the same and want to innovate as much as possible. The more we see the runways and the streets are dressed (long or short) with asymmetrical cuts, are in the back, neck or even in the waist.


Transparencies come with all the glamor and charm. And are put in dresses through the lace or tulle. Use transparency as a trick to pretend you’re wearing a strapless or to use a more provocative neckline.


The pattern of time is the picture of fruit, but many women feel uncomfortable with it. If you want to be fashionable, but not look like a walking berry, you can bet on flowers and foliage. Another pattern that is also high is popularly known, pattern tile. It resembles tile designs, especially of the Rococo period. The floral prints have always been used but are being seen with new eyes because of the use of fruit. Enjoy and make a mix of prints.

Short and long together

At the hearing, it seems unlikely, but it is being widely used by women. Dresses (and skirts too) where the skirt is double, and the lower skirt is the dress fabric, in fact, and the top skirt is a transparent fabric (tulle or chiffon, for example). This type of dress gives the formality by the length of the skirt, but also gives the sensuality transparency.


The mullet is a trend of the last year, but is still being used, especially for those who want to start using the slot. They start with a mullet which gives entrance to a discrete slot, and so on to reach the most challenging cracks.
These are the dresses are in trend (are fashionable) in the year 2016. If you do not want to be fashionable, but also do not want to sound corny or out of fashion, you can bet on your style, using pieces that match your personal taste, and blend with colors and prints of the current collection. What can not be is out of fashion.

What did you think of the trend of fashion dresses for 2016? Comment below!