Dog Training-Dogs Who Like to Run Away from Home

How to teach the dog not to run away

Some animals exhibit an attitude that sometimes seems strange.
Are dogs who love to run away from home. They cannot see an open door or gate that already escape.

Slick dog-what to do

In this article we will give 3 tips on how to get the dog to stop running, but knowing what to do if your dog run.

Also we’re featuring 1 accessory that will help control the leak.

And between breeds of dogs more escapees.

There are no specific breeds who love to run. There are animals that prefer to roam the streets, instead of being trapped in the courtyard.
What to do when the dog run

To escape the yard, the dog can be put at risk. There are many dangers on the street to which the dog is exposed. There are malicious people, fast cars, other animals, etc.

The first owner’s attitude should be to find him amiably.

The dog run, sometimes you know you’re doing something wrong, so is awesome when the owner approaches. He will try to escape a possible trouble.

It is very important to keep calm and talk to the dog so that he is not the subject. Otherwise it can be difficult to rescue him again.

Why do dogs run?

It may seem strange, but animals like is freedom. They have the best food possible, fun toys and people who love them and love to play with them.

A lot of that has to do with the territory that these animals can maintain. The bigger, the more freedom they feel.

In confinement, no matter the size of the Court, they don’t have any territory they desire.

In addition, a dog is a curious animal and inspect the entire region around, checking the existence of possible and food companies.

Dogs fugitives love Street

Other factors that make you run away may be the busy street, the strange people and eventually the smell of food in garbage cans, or in other houses.

All this translates into a very strong attraction so he resolves to give a passeadinha.

Also, sometimes the barking of dogs in the neighborhood is interpreted as a challenge and the puppy will escape whenever you have an opportunity to take the clean this provocation.

What to do for the dog not to run away

The obvious way is to surround the courtyard. Depending on the size of your dog, you may need to add screens so that it does not cross through the bars.

Small dogs like the chick, the Chihuahua and others must be very careful, do manage to sneak by tiny places.

Sometimes, however, may end up splintering, making it necessary to be rescued.

How to prevent dog running

There are some drills to prevent the escape by teaching the dog that isn’t right run. There are also tricks for dogs not as stubborn, that help you understand what the will of the owner.

Prevent the escape of your dog must be an act planned in detail. Remember: evil people often use poisoned food and snacks to exterminate with the dogs.

Adestrando the dog not to run away

First, you must start the basic obedience training, that is, the dog has to obey him when you want him to stay still.

Practice how to teach him how to sit, lie down and stay together, are very important for him to start to respect him.

For the dog, we should be the Alpha Dog, who runs the Pack. Understanding this, he will feel happy to know that someone is leading.

A dog must immobilize the owner have to do it.

To obtain the total discipline your puppy, start training to prevent leakage through the open gate.

Preventing the dog from escaping through the gate

Although it seems a difficult task, teaching a dog not to run away when the opportunity is a very simple training, and boils down to 3 Tips only.

1) Start with a long rope stretched on the ground. Trace a line that he didn’t have permission to cross. Go to the other side and stop crossing. Use the word “no”.

When he has already used the rope, put some toys on the other side. He can’t cross the line to get them.

Whenever he understand it, increase the provocation, putting other toys that he likes, snacks, etc. This training is obedience. The rope can be placed anywhere and the well trained dog will not cross it.

Once the dog understands the command, to see the rope in front of the gate, he will know that this cannot be crossed except when the owner is next.

He will get the message and will respect the limit. Usually this is the only required command to get the dog to stop running away from home.

2) the dog has learned that should not cross the rope, unless you allow. You put snacks and toys on the other side, and then he exploded. This is great.

However, some dogs may be more stubborn than others. Thus, the Tip 1 may not take effect with stubborn dogs.

They will understand that they cannot go through the gate, when the owner is around. But what you want is that he never cross the gate.

The next step, therefore, is to put the rope in front of the gate open, and make sure he has enough willpower to avoid crossing it. You should do this by taking some care.

With a thin rope, yet tough, tie the dog and leave the gate open. The rope must be thin and light enough so that he didn’t feel, but strong so you can’t break it.

Must be very long, so that you can control it remotely.

Keep apparently distracted and away from the gate, but visible to your dog. Whenever he tries to cross it, say “no”, or another word to which he’s accustomed to respecting, and pull the rope.

To keep away from the gate, you will make your dog take the view that, although everything is well arranged for the escape, it must not attempt to escape.

If you were near the exit, he could get confused and imagine that just is forbidden to cross the door if you are close to her. So this training should be conducted at a distance.

3) If the dog was able to understand everything, you can go further and conduct the practice of hidden form.
Using the same thin rope, light and long, hide it if and when he wants to go through the gate, take a stride, strong so he quit, but not too vigorous to the point of hurting him.

Your dog will try to do my best to get rid of rope (so she must be tough).

Everything will depend on the perseverance of the animal. If he is too stubborn, training will take a little longer. If he give up easy, the training will be more brief.

With this attitude, it will start to suspect that the gate open must not be crossed, even when the owner is not visible.

Switch training 2) and 3) to make sure he understood.

From time to time reinforce the idea, leaving the gate open and giving a lock if he thinks of running away.
Accessory to get the dog to stop running

Use a virtual fence with receiver on a leash to teach the dog not to exceed the limit. She comes with flags that you put where your dog can’t go.

When the dog approaches the flags, an acoustic signal is raised, warning him to keep them.

If you proceed, a little warning is directed to electrostatic collar, making him fall back.

It is very useful for stubborn dogs and stubborn, or when you do not have much time to train him. Just a few commands to him to respect the flags, and ready. Take a look at figure.

Dogs that run through the door

If you live in an apartment and the problem is the puppy that runs whenever someone opens the door, the tip is the positive training.

Have someone help you in this step. The Bell is pressed and before the dog start barking or running for the door, give him a biscuit.

Repeat several times that. To hear the sound of the Bell, the dog must remember the snack, and come to you. This will train you to look for the owner on hearing the noise.

Dressage is only complete if when you open the door, or the door, your dog remains far from the limit of the output and around you.

If he gets any closer to the street line, means that is challenging, and the practice should continue for some time.

Dogs can be trained not to run away

To train him for a few minutes every day, the most stubborn puppy will assimilate what you can and can’t do.

Just at that moment, already properly educated, is that you can reward him with his favorite toys or snacks.
Praise him for to understand the desired behavior.
5 tips to decrease the desire to get away from your dog

1) Some dogs feel the urge to run away because they feel lonely.

If you work or study (or both) and has little time to spend with him, teach him to be more independent and to accept being alone at home.

2) if he’s bored, walk with him, causing him to exercise, play and have fun, which will lessen the desire to leave out the door.

3) Neuter him. If the puppy is female, not getting more in heat, decreasing the reasons for escape; If you are male, you won’t look for females in heat, on the street.

4) feed him properly, to avoid run away to look for food.

5) educate the intelligently, so there is no need to punish him multiple times, which can make him nervous and upset and encourage him to run.

Educate him to feel happy inside your House.

Watch the videos and learn more about our dog training!

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Don’t forget to look for quality material so that your dog has health and behave properly.

Invest in the education of your pet. A dog behaved and saud vel is the best company you could want.

In this article here we explain how the best trainers, professionals can tame dogs difficult, stubborn and unfriendly.

The secret of these trainers is to start a training program focused on education, with clear objectives for the animal.