DIY | Recycling Boxes of Strawberries

I would say that this is one of my favorites by absurd and simple as it may seem. As you know, I love the order, and after the key organizer or the Organizer accessories, needed to do something urgent to have Placed in well, all my tools and utensils for crafts since they were all piled in a basket and was Boring having to be searching out whenever I needed something.And I love the result!

Stay and see how to convert a simple box of Strawberry that end up in the trash, something so practical and cuckoo like this.

At the end of the input video!


Strawberry boxes (I have used two sizes, 1 kg and 2 kg)

Matte painting

DIY Recycling Boxes of Strawberries


Tape of jute or Burlap, lace (or any fabric that you like to decorate)

Silicone gun
This as usual, is a taste of the consumer. I’ve use this material because I have a crazy obsession with them… later I will make a compilation because it has no desperdidio


The first thing is to paint the boxes. At least two hands so that they are well, although it will depend on the type of paint you use, this already runs from your account.

Let it dry well. If you want to sand to remove a little paint (as in the key organizer ) so it is more rustic can do it, although most of these boxes are made of a plywood or of poor quality, so I’m not very sure of how it will be… and I do not recommend it.

The following is the most entertaining and fun. Decorate them! To cast you imagination! To mi this out me and I’m satisfied (I don’t know how long will last me, but for now I am happy lol).

First thing I did was to stick with the help of silica a few spirals or winkles echos with rope. In this I made two, using two different string tones.

The next thing was to put the letters “DIY” with rope for who don’t know what those acronyms is: “do it yourself”, translated via into the Spanish “do it yourself”. What is a “craft” of life. Now has become fashionable to integrate into our vocabulary words in English and is very chic to use that term in Spanish… but if we think a little… “craft” are 10 letters and “diy” are only 3. So he won the guiri version!

After decoration of what will be the front, it occurred to me with more rope tying the outgoing top ends of the box. A droplet of silicone, bind and tie (I gave him 5 turns). Cut the rope, another silicone pegotito and press firmly so that does not escape to repeat the operation on the other.

This is an example for one of the boxes, in this case that of 2 kg, which is the largest. You have some photos so you can see the rest…

And now only we will place our stuff!

And look at that beautiful they are!

Here I leave the video so can see you muuuuucho better!