DIY: Making A Scandinavian Decorative Style Wall Clock

We Bring You A Very Minimal And Elegant Wall Clock Diy

Hello! We have a very interesting post, a tutorial on how to make a wall clock with very few elements and that will catch all eyes. You can also customize it to your liking by changing the colored belt or taking into account your decoration.

1.- List Of Materials For Your Scandinavian Watch

A round cutting board (about 30cm)

A leather belt of the color you like the most

A leather punch or punch.

Basic clock mechanism as described in beautiful timepiece

2 Brass Screws or others that are “pretty”

Drill (will be our best helper)

2 Drills. A wide one that allows to pass your mechanism of the watch and another one finer for the lateral screws that fasten the leather belt.

2.- Let’s See All The Steps

Measure the center of the table with the ruler and mark the center.

[Caution] Support the table on two stable supports leaving the central part free to avoid boring your table. You can use 2 chairs that have the seat straight as in the photo.

Drill that center point with the widest bit.

Cut a strip of leather to the desired length, round the edges and make a hole at each end with the leather punch. Be sure to make a hole according to the width of your screw.

With the help of these holes, mark by tightening with the same screws where you want to place them and make the two holes with the finest bit.

Now it’s the clock mechanism. Pass it through the central hole and arm yourself with a little patience to follow the assembly instructions.

3.-This Is The Result!

A simple and nice diy that will amaze you when you finish it

4.-Other Diy Wall Clock Ideas

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