Diy Crochet Christmas Ornaments to Make Decorations

In our tour through the best ideas for rachieving Christmas ornaments and balls hang on the Christmas tree and arranged so that the House could not miss something for crochet enthusiasts. That’s right, hook you can even make balls and Christmas ornaments. Want to know how? Here are as usual a few ideas.

The simplest for beginners. I would choose a color more christmasy … even a neutral white on which, maybe, add some embroidery or some Red bead.

These, for example, are just as simple, but played with two colors. If you add a hook in the webbing transformed into Christmas balls.

Look what a great idea, play balls that you already have and maybe you do not like the most, with a colorful dress crochet. It will be easy to do the job because the site, along with directions in English, is also a clear photo tutorial that explains step by step how to proceed.

Also in this case coated balls, but with white cotton and with a small tuft hanging, very elegant.

The tree, the windows and doors you can not only hang balls: between Christmas themes on which they can indulge, these white and red hearts, with a sprig of mistletoe (I would put it right!) Applied.

Or again, follow the schemes to realize that these arise as a wall light, but that, even in this case, with the “addition of a ribbon, it is possible to transform into tree decorations.

We end with these beautiful Christmas trees, very simple to make. To hang on the door to ring the bells.

The realizations for the crochet Christmas are so many that soon there will show other. In the next post, we will see how to make the crochet snowflakes. So stay tuned!