DIY Balloon Arches and Columns

There are several key elements and shapes of bubbles that can be “on” at any decoration.

In this category we will examine: arches and columns.
The color combinations are numerous applicable there and their combinations together are almost endless. This gives us the opportunity to shape each decoration unique and special event, for which it was intended.

Column balloon is one of the striking elements of decoration, according to indexdotcom. Made of air balloons – latex, foil or a combination of both. Both are universal, thus enabling the creation of new and new types of solutions – suitable for decoration of any events.

Items suitable for columns are the entrances to the premises corners of the stage, along path. Also so recommend them for decoration and stairs and walkways. When there are columns of bubbles in these areas creates a feeling of walking in the fairy world, and if that’s not enough when you put them and hanging from the ceiling, feeling kindness will conquer completely.

Arch of balloons is one of the attractive parts of the overall decoration. Always gives a sense of solemnity.
Arches can be made ​​of balloons filled with air or helium.
Several questions in selecting the appropriate type of arch for your event:
How long will have to endure, the event outdoors or indoors will be? What kind of event you are going?

Arches of balloons filled with helium are suitable for events indoors. They can withstand a day or evening. The advantage of arches made of helium balloons is their flexibility – can be mounted on narrower spaces. At the same time they are perfectly able to convey a solemn mood and in larger rooms.

If you need arch – for more than one day event outdoors, it is best to choose arches made of balloons with air. The options are as much fantasy can allow us – and ours, and yours.