Dior Glasses 2017-The Definitive Selection that You Can Not Lose

Dior Glasses 2017-The Definitive Selection


In this article we want to show the trend that is going to take this year 2017. Specifically, we are going to talk about the Dior 2017 sunglasses. We are sure that you will find it very useful because we will give you many details so that you can have many more elements of choice.

Dior Glasses 2017-The Definitive Selection that You Can Not Lose

To put you in a little situation, the Dior brand is one of the best known sales worldwide. It is a symbol of elegance, sobriety and style that give a touch of exclusivity to those women who wear them. Below, we show you a series of models that are hitting very hard this year and they are going to be feeling this spring / summer.

Dior So Real

Whether you move around in exclusive environments or simply want to make a difference with a pair of sunglasses, this model is your best choice. With the number of frames and lenses of different colors, you can perfectly customize these glasses at your discretion and ask them according to your needs or tastes. If you decide to make a Dior So Real, be sure that you will not fail.

Dior Reflected

It is one of the lightest models to carry this well-known brand.Its front part is made of a sheet of galvanized metalenhanced with a double graphic bridge. The pins are made of thin acetate Bleu Marine. Its crystals ensure a 100% protection of ultraviolet rays. They are sunglasses that fit perfectly to any type of face. It is therefore one of the icons of the Dior brand for this year 2017. Do not hesitate and get yourself with unique glasses like Dior Reflected.

Dior Split

This is the latest in Dior design and, although they started to be sold last year, for this 2017 have been enshrined as one of the company’s top glasses and they will definitely mark a clear trend in sunglasses. They transmit taste and exquisiteness, as well as a clear elegance. Its versatility in terms of colors of lenses and frames make it a very desired model. We are very confident that the Dior Split will triumph for this year.

Dior Abstract

We present you an “amazing” model. It is a model whosedesign is clearly innovative and exclusive that only the coolest people are able to wear. It also has an interesting variety of colors of lenses that will allow you to change your glasses just by buying new ones. Undoubtedly, these are sunglasses that are already causing a lot of our customers. If you want a Dior Abstract and make a difference, treat yourself and buy some.

Dior Technologic

We are facing a clearly futuristic model, with double bridge and metallic lines. This is one of Christian Dior’s sunglasses that are definitely setting a trend for this year 2017. Like the rest of the models of Dior exposed in this article, has an interesting variety of lenses and frames for this same model thatwill delight the most demanding as far as sunglasses are concerned. We present a photo with the model so that you see how they dress and what elegance there is behind these Dior Technologic

Dior Sidereal 1

Incredible option that Dior presents us with these Sideral 1. Once you have them in your hands, you realize that having a Dior is not any brand of sunglasses. In this case, the Sidereal 1 model is no exception. If you want to be that elegant, stylish woman, that makes the difference wherever you go, wearing a Dior is the only option. Available in a variety of frames and lenses, we are sure that you will find a model that meets your needs. If you do not want to stay behind this summer, get yourself a Dior Sidereal 1


In this article, we have presented four Dior models that are clearly being trend in this year 2017. However, we encourage you to discover other very interesting models that we also have on our website. We are sure that you will find sunglasses to suit you in our web catalog in our section of sunglasses Dior on paradisdachat.com.