Different Types of Bags

Every woman has it, every woman needs it, every woman buys it-the handbag! Handbags are for women like shoes: you can never have enough! And since there are so many different types, every pocket purchase can be argued well, because one needs at least one model of every pocket type. At best also in several colors. 

But what are the different types? This is to be clarified by handbagpicks in the following.


A clutch is the perfect accessory for every evening outfit. From English (“to clutch”) it is clear that this type of handkerchief is covered by the hand. They are available in different variations: classic simple, decorated with brooches, strikingly colorful, square, tubular, .. and is therefore universally applicable and rounds off any party outfit perfectly.


The Shopper is a bag-shaped bag, which is carried over the shoulder by two carrying straps. It is the perfect bag for an extensive shopping trip, because the shopper offers plenty of space. Moreover, it is great for long school and unitage, because everything fits in really.

Bag/Tote Bag

In Tote Bags is relatively large bag with one or two short handles.Because of the special handles, the bag is never worn over the shoulder, but only in the hand, on the wrist or on the forearm. It is the perfect bag for the office, as it offers enough storage space but still looks very elegant.


This type of bag has its name because of its peculiar shape: narrow, elongated and small, comparable to a baguette. Furthermore, it is characterized by its handles. These are just long enough to carry them over the shoulder.


The Weekender is the perfect bag for a spa break over the weekend. It offers enough space to store everything necessary in it. The all-rounder is usually very sturdy and has a firm ground, and it almost always has an elongated shape. In order for the weekender to be worn better, he has besides normal handles, often a shoulder strap.

Shoulder Bag

The shoulder bag is an absolute must-have bag, because it convinces with its convenience. Crossed across the shoulder, one has the hands free for other things. It is available in various sizes, shapes and colors. Thus, the bag can be small and decorative, or just sturdy and huge, so that storage space for a laptop, for example.


A backpack is practical and comfortable and therefore no longer out of the pocket assortment. With the help of two loops, he can be easily buckled on his back. So it is the perfect bag for hiking or longer trips. Backpacks are once again totally fashionable and in crazy styles the perfect accessory for everyday life.


Bag bags have long shoulder straps, so you can throw them casually over the shoulder. This is exactly what this type of bag is made of: convenient, simple and practical. The only drawback is the lack of order, since the bag has no solid ground. Apart from that, you are fully up-to-date with it, for example jute bags are totally fashionable, but leather bags or rivets also make for a fashionable appearance.

Whether at school, at work, at a party or for shopping, women always have a bag. For every occasion there is the personal favorite handbag, which is different for each occasion. From the wide selection of bags, everyone must find for themselves, which is his own best. And if you’re not sure what you like, check out I’m walking and get inspired by the bags . If you found one, how about the matching shoes for the new bag?