Different Styles of Chairs in Cabins

Wood, natural or transparent… The cabins are becoming a place of relaxation, escape for a break out of time to halfway between the inside and the outside.

A hut of dream in Argentina

It is at the edge of the El Tigre River and in the heart of nature, in Argentina, is located this glazed and painted in bright green wooden hut. She was built as a haven of peace, with white Wicker armchairs on vintage carpets. An invitation to relax and to relax.

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A child in the attic room

Before asking the panelling, must be previously isolated the roof using natural links rather than mineral wool. In this nursery installed under roofs, were asked the panelling horizontally. This way to ask them to visually enlarge the parts under the roofs that are often narrow and high as here. Colour, we can leave the gross panelling to play the card of authenticity, however doing so may make the darkest space with panelling color wood. So to bring brightness and create a gentle atmosphere, better paint it in pastel tones.

Finally, for storage, a shelf in height, was installed in the wedging between the sections of the roof. Very simple, it is resting on two wooden brackets and painted the same color as the walls. Thus, she blends into the scenery, visibly attenuates the acute angle of the roof and optimizes the space in order to store bulky items.

A transparent cabin

In Britain, a couple did build a house all in transparency to enjoy the most lights and landscapes of an admirable site. Known for their work on the use of industrial materials very simple and inexpensive, Anne Lecaton and Philippe Vassal architects imagined a house in three autonomous parts. Home of parents, children’s House and the House are asked in the Moor and sheds light and contemporary who disappear into the landscape by offering new perspectives on nature.

Here, “holiday home”, fully dressed in transparent polypropylene corrugated panels, was built from a structure of greenhouse and sliding walls to erase the boundaries inside-out and completely open so that the air flows. She serves as hangar at boat of sitting. We come here to take a NAP on a mattress on a wooden pallet and children come to play on rainy days.

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A fisherman’s hut

Live to the rhythm of the weather, in a cabin between sand and water: it kinda turns out to be the dream of any city. The Marina Salhanda decorator obeying her restaurant a small house at the end of a path of sand not far from Lisbon. The challenge for her was to keep its authenticity with its thatched roof, its walls painted a bright white and its terraces slatted. Inside, wooden walls were painted white very diluted to let appear the material of wood and keep the mind simple and typical of the place. A very clear atmosphere to which the Decorator has brought notes of colors by touches with a purple sheet that serves as a bedspread, and lights up the room of its bright hue. This very bright decoration is a collection of colorful, salvaged or antique furniture, and objects in the world like these Chinese lanterns hanging from the ceiling for mettrent in perspective the sharp slope of the roof.

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A former chicken coop transformed into living room

In a property dating from the 18th century, a couple has preferred the simplicity, the desire to preserve nature to reinvent his life and return to life principles borrowed from our elders. In the House, they have installed stoves of wood as a heating and solar panels to heat water and can grow their fruits and their old vegetables in their garden and their orchard… as many recipes that combine ecology and comfort. Outside, they restored the former chicken coop with authenticity. Indeed, the structure of the wood has been preserved and has helped make a lovely summer living. On the ground, the couple chose a wooden floor recovered for a chic spirit but especially for the ecological side. Open to the four winds, this dependence is decorated with antique furniture, to the image of this old metal bed as dressed hide of a mattress covered with a blanket and old cushions. The all precious & eaeacute; small simple items, like the Golden frame hung to the amount or the returned wicker basket that serves as a small table. Unpretentious objects that have enough to give style to an old abandoned cabin.

In a wooden house

In Normandy, this modern version barn was built without concrete and electricity. Raised on stilts and made entirely of wood, its respectful environmental architecture did blend in with the landscape with lightness. Side building, the South gable has glass for light and heat from the rays of the sun while the north façade was dressed in tiles in Cedar, also known as shingles, which allow to make significant energy savings. You enter the House through a door covered in Cedar shingles which roughness contrasts with the smooth surface of the plywood in Northern pine left natural covering the walls of the sas where you installed storage along the walls to store shoes and flashlights storm. Ground, also in plywood, was painted in a way a that all does not too ‘effect cottage’ decoration in wood.

A life-size cabin

In Megève, in this spa four stars we borrowed the raw elements of nature to create a magical setting in some parts, like in this rest room transformed into undergrowth. Indeed, it has lined the walls of birch logs, of slate and bark, giving the impression of cross the line that separates us from the mountain. A supernatural décor embellished with soft lighting and sieved placed at the feet of mattresses simply placed on massive tree trunks and dressed in wool plaids bio.

A guest in a cabin room

Extra room or dream of Robinson, the cabin responds to our need for space to our desires of escapes. Here, we moved her to the bottom of the garden and fitted in guest room. Its wooden panelling walls have kept their original color and serve as backdrop to a nice piece to the authentic spirit. Warm and comfortable, this room is equipped with practical and essential furniture as two retro suitcases diverted in bedside table. A decoration in mind “roots” of the real cabin.

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A cabin in granite rocks

Russel Wright, the precursor of the design, set up this House in the 1950s, the field notched a career of granite at the edge of the Hudson River an hour from Manhattan. Hidden in the Woods, it is combined with the environment as much as it combines: it opens its large Bay Windows on the river and nature while his plays seem to be dug on the side of granite, like caves. The lounge so settled in acute reliefs of the granite stones, with its surprising gross fireplace which builds on a wall in Pisa foam color inlaid twigs… And all this in a setting of a great modernity reflecting ongoing discussions that this designer sought to establish between the nature, design and ecology.