Different Heights of Heels

Symbol of glamour and femininity, high heels allow us to take the height and extend our silhouette. But only if you choose the right height of heels to avoid sprains or poorly insured procedures in the street. Coils, compensated heels or stilettos heels? Cosmo is the point on the different heights of heels!

Women love high heels, be they small, medium, high, or even dizzying. I must say that they have something.

According to shoe-wiki, the heels can extend your silhouette in slimming look, and allow you to adopt good posture straighter, more assertive.

Essential accessories for the glamour and sexy, the heels remain the symbol of femininity. But still need to know how to choose and How to walk in heels shoes! Then, rather small heels or heels?

Flat shoes

Flip flops, Sandals and ballerinas: as many flats they’re looking for their comfort. No need to fear a sprain, you can run around all day without effort.

But even if like ballerinas flat shoes may seem comfortable and practical, wear them with moderation!

It is not good for our arch walk too often flat. Feel free to vary the heights the shoes you wear.

Small heels (0 to 5 cm)

Heels coils and heels chiquets are two types of small heels which take height without too much difficulty.

If you’re not comfortable perched on the stilettos of ten centimeters, the small heels are a good alternative!

For even more stability, choose a small heels offset: comfortable and very practical, they lie your silhouette look like nothing!

If not, opt for the heels of square or rectangular heels: more stable because wider, they keep you from missteps.

Attention, remember to vary the heights, because with small heels the Arch of the foot is not natural.

Medium heels (5 to 10 centimeters)

Medium heels are popular because they allow to lengthen the silhouette without being too dizzying.

You can wear both at work and in the evening, if you’re not too bad at the feet!

Beginners will prefer to choose 5 or 6 centimeters heels: perfect for this train to walk in high heels!

For starters, opt for closed shoes, as the Derby, to be sure to keep your foot and avoid sprains.

High heels (over 10 cm)

Symbol of femininity and glamour, heels are more complicated to wear during a whole day. But if you used, go for it!

Choose stable models to avoid a disgraceful loss of balance. The heels are often the most difficult to wear. Again, everything is a question of training!

Tips for good wear high heels

When you try your shoes in the store, always try two feet. You necessarily have a “stronger” than the other.

Do not hesitate to walk long in the store to make sure that the shoes will be comfortable.

If your foot is too arched in your shoes, slide a thin sole silicone at the level of the plateau. In addition, these soles are very comfortable and avoid warm-ups.

Choose platform shoes, so your foot will be less arched! You will see, 10 centimeters heels will seem much more comfortable with a tray of 3 centimeters.