Devil’s Attorney, a Hilarious RPG with a Lawyer without Scruples

We do not always find games for mobile phones with personality, while we find cases like Angry Birds as a success story, not many get that touch of originality that many want to. This time we found one of those games that are a little gems with very charismatic characters, it is of Devil ’ s Attorney.

In this hilarious and original game we get into the skin of Max McMann, a novel lawyer without the slightest scruple and a respect for others who can sort of sociopath. As defense lawyer has to represent clients of all types with a common peculiarity: its cases are bizarre to unsuspected limits.

Include cases such as the magician that banishes things without making them reappear or maintain a jaguar in an apartment alluding that it is a very big cat. This game, although it may not seem it, is played in the style RPG, faced with evidence and witnesses, each removing credibility to our customer.

We must reject every proof and witness to testify to our customer as “ not guilty “, and for this purpose will be shares remaining credibility to our rival, reduces the damage they do and various other effects. We use conscious each action so that our client is not convicted, and if we are quick in the trial, our client will pay us more.

Our skills are unlocked as we are going to improve our apartment using the money you win in the trials, and each object increases us one of the three characteristics, which are the materialism, the decadence and the Vanity, each giving skills.

The strong point of the game are the dialogues, that despite being in English, you get to get us a few laughs with a foul and sordid humor full of disqualifications. The big drawback is that the game is short, but the developers ensure that they will be adding content progressively, which is a highly recommended game.

Devil ’ s Attorney Version 1.0

  • Version of Android: Since 2.3
  • Developer: Senri AB
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: €2.89
  • Category: Games

Devil ’ s Attorney is a charming and fun turn-based strategy game set in the 80 ’ s.
Devil ’ s Attorney is a turn-based strategy game set in the 80 ’ s where you play as Max McMann, a defense attorney that ’ of high on charm but low on moral fiber.
Your objective is to free all of your clients and use the money you earn to buy accessories and new furniture for your apartment; boosting your ego and unlocking new courtroom skills in the process.