Deerberg Shoes with the Certain Something

Individual, sustainable and extremely comfortable: Deerberg shoes can be described. Made for people who value character and quality and want to carry their favorite shoe with a clear conscience. This is exactly what the criteria for designing and manufacturing our shoes are for us.

Sustainability At Deerberg Shoes

From the selection of materials through each production step, we take care to deal responsibly with natural resources and to minimize the impact on the environment. That is why we only use materials that occur in nature, such as latex, wood, leather and cork. These are renewable resources from Europe.

Produced In Europe

We produce our shoes in Portugal and Spain. The workers have European conditions and a fair deal with the employees is very important to us. We work closely with our shoe manufacturers. Our leader in shoe shopping designed many shoes and discussed the production on the spot. Only in this way does the shoe meet our quality requirements. And we were able to convince ourselves of the good production conditions on site. In addition, the transport route within Europe is shorter so that the environment is also spared.

Typical Deerberg Shoes

Good for nature and feet: For perfect running comfort, high-quality slats, a cushioning cork layer under the inner sole and the glove-free, open-pore calf leather lining ensure a pleasant foot climate. There are many details that we pay attention to the running comfort.

But above all the design of many shoes is unique. This starts with the color diversity. By the way, we usually use sturdy leather, which takes the color well. The color palette of Deerberg shoes is probably unique. With the different designs, everyone will find their favorite shoe. Whether it’s boots, ankle boots, shoes, pumps, ballerinas or sandals: the choice is huge.

We always try new styles of popular shoes, so you can buy your favorite shoe in different styles. The different colors can then be combined again and again and just that makes the fashion so fun.