Decorating the Ceiling of Bedrooms

It seems that this trend is getting stronger. It is nothing new, of course, the Sistine Chapel and countless ancient palaces around the world are proof that the ceiling decoration is an idea that always made the heads lift to the sky. But how to do this in the lower and lower apartment ceilings without a sense of “clutching”?

When the ceiling is high and the lighting is full, you can dare to paint the ceiling with a dark, vivid and strong color, especially when the environment is as “clean” as this kitchen, all white. See that the color of the ceiling is that heats the environment and it descends a part of the wall, including to visually decrease the height of the ceiling. Here at Oakdaleblog you can get more different models and styles.

You can even commit a “madness” inspired by this one (the painting of the Twins in a Color House)-but see that the walls and floor are white.

In small environments with a low ceiling, a light painting like this yellow (even more with the gray of the wall) ends with any sensation of “suffocation”.

Another option is the use of paint or wallpaper for example in only one area of ​​the environment.Above, the wallpaper that goes up from the headboard to the ceiling above the bed is a pretty shocking element.

Other Ideas for Small Environments and Low Ceilings: Clear, delicate designs, stickers or paintings OR wall-to-ceiling prints (in the second photo, vertical stripes – a great choice – on the wall make the ceiling appear taller)

I find this device to “create” a space only using the color of the wall and the ceiling so incredible and so simple at the same time that I am repeating the photo.