Deals on Aldi-Süd: Navi Medion MD 96390 For 299 Euro

Navigation the Aldi Navi showed up in the test as a reliable pilot, which leads one to the target quickly and accurately. Appear in the default setting the cards in the 2-D mode; There is also a 3-D representation. Practically is the so called text-to-speech feature: instead of the statement please turn the device speaks the street names in addition. The lane leads the way through tricky traffic situations such as large interchanges.

Operation with its user interface, the Medion gained many advantages. The menus are quite clear, the meaning of the symbols is apparent even without looking in the manual. The control works by finger or the pen back inside the unit. Thus the user icons on the touch-sensitive screen taps.

Display overall, the clarity thanks to the wide screen is good. However, street names appear a bit too small. Fall sun rays on the screen, he can be difficult. At night he hides,.

Dam bypass the Medion Navi can Herum guide you thanks to the TMC traffic jam info service around traffic jams. The supplied antenna is connected, the device receives the free traffic information via the built-in FM radio receiver.

Equipment important information in the package with mount, car charger, and TMC antenna is included. A mains charger, the Navi outside the car charge allows you to, is not. The MD 96390 has a built-in hands-free kit for mobile phones with Bluetooth. nice extra: MP3 music tracks, videos, and images to be the Navi play.

Maps cards for 38 European countries are included. Almost all found on the supplied 2-gigabyte memory card space.

Summary the MD96390 impressed the testers with its large screen and fast, good routing. The built-in speakerphone is practical. The bottom line, the navigation system for $299 is a good deal.

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