Dead Trigger Is Updated with Lots of New Features and Rewards for Everyone

If a game is giving that speak both for its quality as by the controversy that raises, that is Dead Trigger, that after complaints that could lift at first and become free due to high levels of piracy, is being ported to the Freemium of good form. And is that Dead Trigger has received an update with lots of new features and rewards.

With this new update, it comes to improve the application both for those who we bought it at the time as for those who have installed it once it became free. To compensate for this, and as promised it is debt, Madfinger today to updated Dead Trigger version 1.5.0 with the following changelog

  • Two new arenas: Stadium of Dead and Deadly Corridors
  • Gun Alien, 25 gold coins and 10 casino chips (for those who bought the application before becoming free)
  • New missions
  • New weapon: pistol Alien
  • New objects: turret laser and mini-mortero
  • Improves missions of protection of objects, now damaged objects can be repaired
  • New tutorial for beginners
  • Improved Minigun and Colt-M4
  • Increased the reward on the Sands (now casino chips you also can win)
  • Greater probability of winning at the Casino (including objects)
  • It improves in autoapuntar when there are many enemies close
  • Best fall of ammunition for anyone who uses more than one weapon

Good news for a game that initially might have received a bad review general he did justice to what we really could give of themselves this game. Do you think you?

Dead Trigger Version 1.01

  • Version of Android: Since 2.1
  • Developer: MADFINGER Games
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: free
  • Category: Arcade & action