Dark Circles and Wrinkles Under Eyes Home Remedies

Little tricks to alleviate the problem of dark circles. A blemish that comes from health problems often to be reckoned with.

Dark circles are among the enemy number one of the face. And yet you want to stress, excessive sun exposure you want, you want a genetic predisposition, the lids fans often heavy and dark mark under the eyes stronger, older look.

The origin of dark circles is also attributable to a state of metabolic intoxication, or poorly functioning kidneys. The shortage of certain foods or vitamins, dehydration. During certain allergies can worsen the problem. There are commonly two types of dark circles: those swollen and not particularly dark, indicating the excessive retention of liquids; those hollowed that instead, on the contrary, indicate a need for water to clean the slag that imbibe the tissues.

There are small natural solutions that can help to make disappear or at least alleviate the problem.

    • Water: in any case drink plenty of water and helps keeps your skin hydrated and elastic. The bare minimum consists of 10 glasses a day.
    • Sleep: having the ability to do it, because often our stress is caused from this, it would be ideal sleeping 8 canonical hours. Possibly the ideal position is with the belly upwards and the raised head from the pillow to reduce the accumulation of liquids.

Tea Bags: after being moistened and placed in the freezer for half an hour, place two green tea bags on the eyes by improving the blemish for a few hours.

  • Exercises: There are some real exercises to do with the eyes that help much skin tightening. For example for exercising the lower eyelids you can keep your eyes closed then look down . Repeat the action 10 times.
  • Makeup: a good trick does not solve the problem but it certainly covers. Contours eyes and concealers are the top and avoid powders because accentuate wrinkles.
  • Cold: There are masks with anti-fatigue gel which are useful for solving the problem. Just keep them in the refrigerator and then spread them on the eyes for about thirty minutes.