Curly Hair Cuts Styles

The shape of the face of the people are not the same. Some people have oval faces, others have faces elongated, square or round.

Different face shapes require different types of hairstyles as described in good appearance. A face round, is almost the same width and length, means that the styles that create the illusion of length, are more flattering for this type of face. Let’s see some cuts for curly hair styles :

* Short styles : The short hair styles it has the risk of making a face you see round if they are cut to a same length. Keep the hair above the jaw line allows the Chin point down and create the illusion of one face more long. Haircuts styles are shorter towards the back, as a short cut that is invested, will do the same, especially with hair that is closer to be wavy to curly. The styles of haircuts shorts that keep hair close to the Chin, neck and cheeks are bit bulky, but create height at the Crown of the head and also help to balance the shape of the face for a leveled look.
* Media styles: The cutting styles means for hair curly sometimes tend to exaggerate a round face. Is ahaircut style to keep the thinner and less bulky side curls. If what you want is volume, turn your head upside down and apply a small amount of lacquer at the temples and in the line near the front, which will add height to the shape of your face. Instead of using a product to define your curls, let them fall naturally to add length or fix them slightly towards the back of your face. Make a small bow at the top of the head also is flattering. A side fringe adds a sharp, nice angle to the shape of a face rondo.
* Long styles: long curly hair already has advantage over other styles, since long hair lengthen the face.The serquillos or bangs work best when they are away from the front or to the side. The gradual layers increase the volume and keep the length of the style. Cutting styles that put long hair in front of the shoulders, reducing the shape of the face. Separate the hair in the middle or on the side and add one how many curls close to your temples to keep hair out of your face.

* Hairdo for a special occasion: When you use a styling salon, for models that give height on the side of the temples and below also. Pull the bangs back, then push it forward slightly and fixed it, creates volume, as it does if you twist it or get hair in small sections to form a Crown or an aura. Smooth your curls at the top of the head for an elegant look or a casual look fast. For long hair, leaves a little hair in the front of the shoulders before straightening the rest up to the top.