Crocheted Dresses Models Short and Long Fashion

Hand made ​​needle, embroidery of crochet requires technique and dedication, left behind a reputation for old people thing and became vintage piece, full of style and personality. Always reappears in fashion, he turned fever, won a sophisticated and unique status. Crochet dresses no longer praieiras parts and took to the streets, and are making the head of the womenfolk, and fashionistas say could be used to on the desktop.

The known type of stitching to be the hobby of grannies has gained more prominence in the fashion world and has become a fad among celebrities. It is always associated with simplicity, but allows refinement with the use of more elaborate materials.

How to Wear Dresses Crochet

The crochet dress is versatile and can be used during the day and looksballad or in a corporate environment and more formal.

The play should have (preferably threergroup) lining and can be used with blazer, with a high-heeled shoe, the part can be used at parties because it ensures a serious look, but at the same time light and jovial. How crochet has a handcrafted air, requires contrast to more chic sandals or pumps with transparency feature works very well at night and you can use a body underneath the liner need not always be the same color.

Being a lightweight piece is ideal for hot and stuffy days, crochet dress is democratic and looks good on different body types. All women can use, if younger and skinny can use the mini model, if chubby, the length should be greater near the knee. The great secret is to work modeling with belts and scarves, for example, for value and hide the parts in which the woman wants. The model ensures long elegance if used with a high heel, accessories and sophisticated hair.

Wedding Dress Crochet

For brides seeking a differential, crochet is a good option as it is a kind of handmade string that guarantees an amazing final result. In addition to the much more affordable, crochet is the new bet that promises to please too, without much detail as traditional dresses.

The string in the right numbering does not give much volume, some designers add details in flowers and pearls, for example, but only the dress is already flashy, it has texture and detail.

With the finest materials – such as silk thread and fine strings – has conquered fashionistas and fashion designers, and leaving many brides with a noble touch. The crochet has romantic aura, and can gain a modern air is twisted is well worked and creative, and many points can easily indicate the personality of the bride. Colored shoes guarantee outrageous outfits, really it is a good option for those who prioritizes exclusive because each job is unique.

Crocheted Dresses Care 

Tips to keep texture, shape and color:

  • Always hand wash with mild soap or coconut;
  • Always wash pieces in warm water (almost cold);
  • In the washing, do not rub the pieces with force and not with brushes;
  • Rinse under running water and dry in the shade in a well ventilated area;
  • Do not use softeners for non-yellowing lighter parts;
  • In the last rinse, mix water with a few drops of white vinegar (or apple) and a bit softener;
  • Never use bleach, as yellow white parts and weaken cotton fibers;
  • Do not handle with rings on the fingers so the points are not drawn;
  • Use iron at low temperature and go inside out and;
  • Keep in drawers and cabinets where no dust from entering.

Crochet Types

  1. Crocodile crochet stitch: versatile point, ideal for scarves, bags, rugs and coats.
  2. Crochet stitch Azaléia: point with effect from flower buds.
  3. Double-sided crochet stitch: point with the same effect on both sides.
  4. Crochet stitch fancy balls: ideal spot for baby coats, dresses and crochet collars for winter.
  5. Crochet Bavaria point: multifunctional point.
  6. Mismatched crochet stitch: ideal spot for baby coats, blankets and cushion covers.
  7. Maze crochet stitch: ideal point to make carpets, cushion covers, table runners and placemats.
  8. Hidden crochet point: different and delicate point, it forms a tightly closed plot, which is ideal for scarves, coats and baby clothes.
  9. Pineapple point: ideal point for more exquisite pieces.
  10. Margaret point (also called Jasmine point): ideal point for coats, hats and caps.
  11. Place bar 1 × 1: applied point in blouses bars, gloves and socks.
  12. Snail point: wrapped spiral point, mainly used to make scarves elegant.
  13. Point hive: ideal point for creating light summer parts and accessories castings.
  14. Low relief: widely used point blouses bars, gloves and sleeves.