Coverage: 25a. Parallel Gift and 24a.Craft Design

I spent the week in São Paulo covering, for the first time, the Paralela Gift and Craft Design Fairs, important fairs so that the exhibitors have direct contact with the buyers of their products, the resellers. I selected for you what caught my attention:

Paralela Gift: Design and Decoration Fair, in its 25th. Edition, with 65 Exhibitors, took place at Casa Petra, in SP. The items were divided among Textiles, Objects of design, Utilities, Plastic Arts, Handicrafts, Ceramics, etc, etc via craftinLearning… One World!

From left to right: A view of the fair, with the side of the stand of Arte Têxtil . Next, the stand ofCrystals Cá D’Oro . Beneath the stand the graceful Panoletos and the cool work of the staff of the Farpa, furniture differentiated, with a very current industrial footprint.

Above, the “bathroom things” in submarine format with pieces that can be separated (are beautiful!) From Seletti , which also have these dishes that look “glued” from the picture below, super different! The last photo shows beautiful luminaries from Studio Sergio J Matos, a talented designer who has beautiful pieces, many inspired by his experience in the Brazilian Northeast.

The first piece above (a cushion, reproducing a detail from a painting by Gustav Klimt) and below it (a panel reproducing Pablo Picasso’s Guernica painting) are EMBROIDERED! It’s an awesome thing, folks! Even with a magnifying glass it is difficult to see the points. A caring and supportive job, which helps people in difficult conditions to have a trade and earn from it. Very cool! From Elisa Lobo. In the photo beside the inverted vases of Boskke.

Craft Design: In its 24th edition, Craft design showed more than 150 exhibitors in a space of more than 6.000m2.

Finally the Ixxi that makes these panels fantastic, that you can create as you want in a very easy way, decided to land in Brazil! I hope it is a success, because with these smaller spaces, nothing better than something that allows to divide areas with beauty and without taking up space!Next, stand the World Jaya! A shop full of good ideas and lots of humor. Below is the TamTumstand, which has wonderful fabrics on cushions, futons, poufs, bamboo furniture and flashlights.Beside, a detail of the stand of Leonardo Bueno, with its super interesting furniture.

Above, on the left, the beautiful works of the P aleolico Art of the Earth and, next to it, the delicate works of Atelier Caiu do Ceú, super cute.