CorsixTH, Emulating The Legendary Theme Hospital in Android and in High Definition

A very effective way to take advantage of our terminals is emulation of old games. In the 90s there was a company whose games were synonymous with quality streams and unconventional strategy. It was Bullfrog, the creators of games of strategy and management excellence, and with a little bit of mana can recreate one from their acting teachers, Theme Hospital, in our Android terminals.

To do so, the first thing is to get with the program CorsixTH, an open source program that does not run the game Theme Hospital in high definition and in our terminals. To do so we must use the version of Android that can be found by a separate developer from here.

The program is completely free, but now plays done with the files play. Own downloads page offers us the demo of the game, although it is also true with the complete files of the game, whose version of PC is in a State of abandonware and should not be much problem finding the game.

After you have installed the app and introduced the files, run the app should load them and set the resolution. It is advisable to do not go with the resolution If the dpi of our device is too long and it’s going to cost control the game. Once all this is done, now you can start to play the great Theme Hospital. It is control is totally touch, with menus adapted to touch screens. selected with a pulse, and moves by moving two fingers. In the absence of a command, this game no doubt will remove you many hours of productivity.