Complete Circuit: See How to Wear Gym Clothes

Who thinks the look “legging, basic regatinha and tennis” is only in the environment of the gym is deceived.  The same parts that are used for bodybuilding can also be part of everyday life with style! Want to know how? Just combine the moment you want!

How to mount the look?

For a very informal look, the sweatshirts are super high! You can use it when you pick up your kids at school or take the dog for a walk. If the idea is to wear the same gym shoes at work, a tip is to combine with jeans, raising the bar. You are super high in this way of using!

To go to work or enjoy a special program, the colorful leggings also sweep! If it is embossed, prefer to make the look with the top in only one color. For example, if your trouser bar is black, invest in a baby look in the same color or even a coat if it is chilly.

And if the look is the face of the weekend, bet on legging and more dug regatta! Have you heard of income tops? They will give a more delicate face to the combination(come and see here )!

And how to put on a more formal look?

If the idea is to compose a look more worked and with a very sporty footprint, it is possible to rescue the metallized leggins and wear with high heels. That’s it!
Another tip? The dug races will fall very well with other material tights and with scarpins! Style guaranteed!

Which fabrics to prioritize?

Think about the day-to-day comfort and also the specific situation you are going to use! Some fabrics like tactel or to compress(in the case of specific pieces for races) may not be so cool day to day.

And which parts can I start with?

The legging and shirt combination is the best for several moments and easier to ride! But note here what you might have to wear both in the gym and out of it: basic leggings, patterned leggings, fitness regattas, sweatshirts, fitness shorts, fitness overalls and sneakers!

Did you like the tips? Come and complete the Lebes circuit closest to you! We have special conditions for you to invest in all styles. Until the next tip!