Colorful Sweaters and Cardigans

Thin sweaters and cardigany are so powerful a piece of clothing that can be worn almost any time of year.In colder periods is dressing under the coat and a warmer again suited to cooler morning and evenings over dresses and tops.

According to, the spring sweaters of this year have notched a major trend – pastel colors. He further added since last summer trendy neon signs, and also a shade of tangerine tango, the distinctive Tangerine tone. Forget for a moment on their black or gray cardigany and give space to the colors that make spring.

The ubiquitous pastels

Pastel colors this season are all around us and appear completely at all. Let’s even once recalled, what are the main shades you would not be in the stores.


Probably the biggest hit of this year’s spring and summer color is mint green, or Minty or peppermint also.


In many shades of pink, light, starting and ending with Cerise.

Light yellow

Another beautiful pastel shade is light yellow that looks good on both the bledulkám and the darker types.

The neon signs light up the wardrobe

Spring romance in the form of pastel colors but naturally is not for everyone, and not all of these shades, we feel good. If you prefer a bolder and bolder look, you will be a great choice neonov shades. Bold colors such as yellow, Orange, green or vibrant pink will make you strong. You can combine in the style of color-blockingu, or simply fine-tune the neutral colors white, black and nude.

Tangerine tango

One of the novelties of the season spring/summer 2012 is already mentioned a shade of tangerine tango, or the distinctive Tangerine color. The item is neither to pastel or neon shades and is thus very original. Not in vain was chosen with the color of the year 2012! With the Clementine combine? Perhaps surprisingly it comes together with other Orange tones and even this combination, you can achieve the above mentioned color-blockingu. Furthermore, perfectly blending in with the black and white, to its distinctive shade of a little zjemníte.