Collection of Jewelry and clothing Accessories

You arrive next October 4, just only in Rome, Milan, Bari Venice Napoli Palermo and Florence), the new glamorous and valuable collaboration between the fashion giant low cost H & M and one of fashion in selected stores in the world (in Italy the world’s most famous editor Anna Dello Russo.
If you are also passionate about fashion, glamor, fashion shows and of course you can not not know of Vogue Anna, the one who at every fashion week manages to impress with its quirky look and bewitch the objective of all photographers of street style in the world, a true fashion maniac, as well as one of the driving forces of contemporary fashion.
it is not by chance that a lover of surreal carousel of fashion week to bring out his own collection, consisting of jewelry, handbags, shoes, glasses and trolleys, exactly on the day after the end of september tour of fashion weeks in 2012.

The idea of ​​making a collection entirely made up of accessories, Anna explains in the interview presentation of the collection, was created by two considerations in particular: the first is that the low cost chains, often more focused to have a good quality / price ratio in clothing, in part neglect the accessories for which there is never choice (Zara, i must admit, is recovering in the last year); the second, which I fully share, is that accessories are essential to create a look and to also turn on your usual classic little black dress through a sophisticated clutch, to a flashy necklace or a particular shoe, so why not put everything on accessories?

I was sent to you in the showroom of H & M in Milan to discover a preview of the new collection of Anna dello Russo and I must tell you that, although I was Convita game to find a too excessive and eccentric collection for my taste, I came home with the desire to stand in line on Thursday morning for accaparrarmi the pieces that I liked the most!
the first thing that catches the eye looking at the entire collection is the prevalent use of gold and the idea of offering a playful luxury for all lovers of the glittering world of fashion. the accessories that are part of the collection range from the trolley turquoise with gold decorations (which Anna has designed taking inspiration from one of her jewelry box drawer), the clutch gold and turquoise, to gilded or leather shoes all with stiletto heels ordinance, to sunglasses with reptiles applications for the front row. Here at Topschoolsintheusa you can get more different models and styles.

The bracelets, earrings and gold necklace with charms and pendants are all intesamente decorated with inlays of semiprecious stones from vintage charm. Among the most special pieces they are certainly mentioned the bracelets and necklaces in the shape of crocodile, snake and zebra twist in the wrist and neck, plumed hat and leather boots that reach to the highest, in the mid thigh.

As for the quality I can tell you that leather accessories are of excellent workmanship and the leather is really good, the trolley is well made, durable and also finished with care inside and this more or less also applies to all other accessories especially for necklaces and bracelets more eccentric. Obviously the quality is in part the usual H & M, but as always for these special partnerships there is a greater care in the choice of materials and finishes of objects.


Remain in line with those of the latest collaboration of H & M, accessories start from € 19.90 Earrings, with an average that is around € 35 for all necklaces and bracelets. The clutch start at € 49.90 and among the most expensive accessories have certainly the trolley (149 € as a hat) and leather boots (€ 299 higher ones). Very nice and useful are the dancers of “emergency” (€ 49.90) obviously gold and foldable, always carry in your bag during days filled with fashion shows!


I must tell you honestly that, even if the collection is full of eccentric heads, Baroque and special, that can hardly be brought together, many accessories are very unique and interesting with a good compromise quality / special feature / price. Then covering even the most particular accessories I realize that, when used sparingly, can really give to a look off the right energy to become special, unique and sophisticated. Hardly pass unnoticed by wearing one of the accessories created by Year of Russian and few will know how little you spent for an accessory so unique!