Coca-Cola Skateboarder

For you who tend to be demanding with the footwear you put on your feet and search for more sophisticated sports models, the Coca-Cola sneakers are ideal to meet your requirements.

Because they are made with top quality materials and in each model they offer a beautiful design pleasing to all tastes.

The brand provides Coca-Cola sneakers at Commit4fitness for both the female and male public and among the many options on the market we can highlight the model Low Cc0002 Ivory which is a casual model suitable for women.

This sneaker features a very soft leather upper with eyelets in the laces of the laces and applied stitches, and to confirm the beautiful ivory look it bears the name of the mark applied on its side.

The midsole of this sneaker features the already known EVA, a rubbery material that contributes to the absorption of the impacts in the stride while the solado brings the traditional rubber of the sneakers in general to confirm the softness in the strides, the durability of the footwear and also the conferred comfort feet.

With this footwear women will be very well paved, and to help it combines with many sports looks confirming the satisfaction of each woman.