Christmas Lights

They arise at the end of year and mark a period of social events for adults and children.Of simple decorations to illuminated trees, giant Christmas lights can be photographed in a variety of ways and all you need to do is to test our tips and exit by clicking.


Choose a time between sunset and total darkness of the night. In this way it is possible to register the scenery behind the lights with more textures, colors and depth. With the lights on, position your camera and try to include a piece of the sky in the picture.

  1. DISABLE The FLASHEven shooting at night, turn off your automatic flash Canon.When making photos indoors, also remember to turn off the light environment, so that the illuminated ornaments stand out.
  1. PLAY With The Exposure TimeIf you have a tripod at hand or any support to make your still camera, try combining ISO smaller than 400 and longer exposures;the results can be impressive.
  1. Add CREATIVITY With BLURRED LIGHTSThis time of year we see around pictures of Christmas lights blurred, which leave the picture even more colorful and creative.

This is the bokeh effect. It is used primarily to describe when there are different points of focus light on a photo.

Try to position the main object of the photo in the foreground-can be a person or simply objects as in the image above, for example. In the background, you have the Christmas tree.

After the scene produced and organized, configure your camera with the widest aperture possible to click. You will notice that the different points of light emitted by the Christmas tree will appear in shapes or polka-dot or sketches. This happens just because the tree to be in the background of the image, do you understand?

To get a good result it is possible to use the Canon lens EF 50 mm f/1.8 II, which has grand opening and facilitates the blurring of the background image.

Try some variations and, after mastering the technique, practice in other objects like candles, car lights, lampposts and so on.

Do these tests and tell us after the result. Use of creativity in the pictures of new year and surprise everyone with what you learned. Good luck!