Choose the Right Swimsuit for Your Body

Almost summer, and no way to get a tan without putting the forms!

Whether your silhouette in H, O, or V, ethnicityology accompanies you from A to Z, to find the perfect swimsuit for you!

Silhouette 8

Silhouette voluptuous and harmonious, hips and shoulders aligned size well marked, you are an 8

The jerseys that put me in values…

The a parts with or without frames, two-piece, shorty, mini – brief, as many models that give me like a supermodel!

.. And those to avoid

I draw the line on the headbands that flatten the generous breasts…

O-shape bodies

Generous curves, hips and shoulders wide, the same width, size little marked, busty, you are an O.

The jerseys that put me in values…

I choose a two-piece with shapes triangle armaturees or Trash… Enveloping downs, a shorty or a draped pants. If I want to refine my figure, I wear a one-piece shape scarf or jacket on top of the trend.

… And those to avoid

Flashy prints or large multicolored flowers that give relief to the forms, the panties too low-rise and too deeply…

silhouette in A

More narrow shoulders that hips, often small chest, you are A.

The jerseys that put me in values…

Two parts Forms triangle scarf, padded, headband, or push-up Underwire and thin straps. I crack down dark colors that visibly reduce the width of the hips. If I prefer the one-piece, I choose scarf or jacket shapes.

.. And those to avoid

Scratch my suitcase horizontal stripes! They too souligneraient the width of my hips.

v-shape bodies

Shoulders wider than the basin you are a V.

The jerseys that put me in values…

Small chest? I wear push-up with integrated foam or push ups. I perfect my silhouette with a shorty high waist which lay down my legs and sublime my size… In a room, my plunging v neckline minimizes the width of my shoulders! In two parts, the triangleshape, thin straps or a headband are the winning podium.

.. And those to avoid

The swimwear swim that marks the stature of the shoulders and the low waist panties that focuse on my thin hips.

X-shape bodies

Fine and small hips, slim and sporty silhouette, small cap, size you’re an X.

The jerseys that put me in values…

Two-piece high triangles, headbands or headbands twisted!

And for the bottom, it is size bass and indented cuts. If I prefer the one-piece, Darjeeling recommend me Forms scarf.

.. And those to avoid

Underwear panties and high, the triangles unstuffed for the Beanies!

silhouette in H

Square shoulders and hips in the same alignment, size unmarked, square shoulders, small chest, you are a:.

The jerseys that put me in values…

A top shape triangle or headband or a push-up! To draw my size, I opt for rather classical forms little indented or model volante or belted high sizes! Sparkling colors and patterns to perfect girly

my look!

… And those to avoid

The shorty or indented panties that breaks the silhouette! The square neckline and horizontal stripes which strengthen the rectangle effect!