Children’s Wall Meters

There are certain things that are not forgotten about childhood: the tenth birthday, the day we were finally able to travel in the passenger seat, the end of the course and the beginning of new stages … interestingly, many of these moments are intimately linked with Growth , in its most diverse meanings.And it is that, what we whined of children was to grow.It was that they compared us with the older ones and praised our height.And the elders had always reserved these kind of comments to increase our little ego.

Many of you have had at home a wall meter, more or less handmade. Sometimes they are simply marks on the wall along with the measure pointed to the side and others are more elaborate designs. Today, franciscogardening will introduce a few models of vinyl wall gauge that will act as decoration element in a nursery and practical tool with which the child will see how it grows in leaps and bounds.

The options are very varied, going from Ray McQueen to all kinds of animals, sailors, trees … In many cases it is possible to customize the color and in this case, for meters, the measurement is already standard, to fulfill their role And serve as a reliable reference.

We leave some examples with their links (clicking on the image) to buy them.And you have more in our section of children wall meters:

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