Chic Comfort: 11 Tips for Wearing Sweatshirts in Winter

In recent seasons, the sweatshirt ceased to be a piece that you only use when you go to the academy or are relaxing at home, and went on to become an item fashion, modern and chic! With this real twist in fashion, the sweatshirt-famous for being cozy and warm-has been used also in the streets, pleasing, and much, the girls who do not open hand of comfort in the time to dress.

Now comes the question: How to assemble looks in sweatshirt? Here we have some tips that can help you. Check out!

Look in Sweatshirt for Work

Sweatshirt at work? Of course I did! The tip to make the sweatshirt more professional is to combine it with a pencil skirt and high heel shoes, like a leather pumps.

Look Chic with Sweatshirt

Combine a flat sweatshirt blouse with leather skirt and a heel shoe. The result will be a trendy and chic look. If you want, add some accessories to make the production even more powerful.

Look with All Black Sweatshirts

A look all worked in Black is always welcome. A black sweatshirt blouse, leather trousers and female-type boots leave the look superpowerful.

Look with Overlap

Use the overlay to leave your look in more elaborate sweatshirt. A shirt underneath the sweatshirt will take care of it-remember to leave the collar and the bar appearing.

Speaking of overlap, how about covering the sweatshirt with a Jaquetinha? Leather and jeans are our suggestions.

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Look Stripped with Sweatshirt

As the sweatshirt is a fabric traditionally linked to sporting fashion, the combination of the play with a bolder tennis is accurate.

Look in a Modern Sweatshirt

For a A swinger vibe, combine a sweatshirt with boyfriend-style jeans. On the feet, a metallic sandal with heel tratorado finishes production.

Look With Boot and Sweatshirt

A bootie of short barrel+jeans+sweatshirt, there is a comfy look with sweatshirt for day to day.

Casual Look with Sweatshirt

You want a look in a simple, elegant sweatshirt? Invest in a sweatshirt with a cool print, a skinny jeans and a high heel! This production is perfect for casual events.

With these tips, wearing sweatshirts will get even easier. What are your looks with favorite sweatshirts? Share with us in the comments.