Check Out 4 Tips to Improve Productivity on Your Tablet

The tablets are digging an important space in the technology market and they are pointed out as one of the reasons for the decline of the sale of PCs. For those who want to see a movie, listen to music or play some light game, they might be a more comfortable choice; However, they are still well below the good old desktop or a laptop when the subject is productivity.

The tips below, balled by Mashable, are for those who would like to transform your tablet into a viable alternative to work.

Absence of games

The first thing you should do to transform your tablet into a working machine is to ward off the temptations that a device, which is naturally used for entertainment, can offer. Then it’s time to look for the right apps to work.

The parallels Access app or ITeleport, both exclusive to IOS (and paid), are a good alternative, which allows you to run programs from your computer by the tablet, which also makes it possible to edit documents in a remote way. Other nifty apps for work are Dropbox, Google Drive and Trello, for organization.

Home Page Organisation

Okay, you can have games on your tablet, as long as you know the correct place for them is far from your eyes. Reserve your device’s initial screen space for productivity apps and place the Angry birds in the background.


It is virtually impossible to be productive in a tablet if you use only the embedded keyboard on the screen of the appliance. There are smarter alternatives. One of the most interesting is the TouchFire, which takes advantage of the IPad screen to create “physical keys” as seen in the video below. It costs about $ $50 in the US.

If you need more space on the screen, however, the solution is a traditional external keyboard. The Surface, for example, offers the Touch covers, intelligent alternative that binds the cover and keyboard functionality. Other keyboards and Bluetooth can also resolve the problem for androids and IPads.

Second monitor

Using the tablet for work does not necessarily mean to use it only when you are at offset. It can also be used as a second monitor, expanding your computer’s screen, or as an additional screen, running apps like Hootsuite or some other that you use in everyday work, unburdening your computer.

Some applications help to use your tablet as an extension of the screen, such as the AirDisplay, IDisplay, REDFLY ScreenSlider, MaxiVista, Splashtop. Everybody’s paid.

Via Mashable