Chalkboard Wall Calendar

Finally he started school and also extracurricular activities that bring us head to all mothers.

That if one football, to basketball, then to English… often mess of schedules we have!. Somehow we have to focus and have everything controlled, lest we forget to pick up a child, something that has already happened to me once. Why I decided to put a slate as a calendar on a wall in the dining room, which cost me was to decide how would do it.

There are three different options, each with its advantages and disadvantages:

Option 1-paint with chalkboard Paint wall making a square for each day of the month.

Option 2-place a slate made with seven boxes, one for each day of the week.

Option 3-buy a vinyl and paste it on the wall.

I decided on the vinyl that had more advantages, is clean, I can peel it off when you want to without the need for repainting, not drilling the wall, does not protrude anything obstructing the passage and do more small space.

So I googled vinyl pages to inspire me in design and with the intention of ordering some but that prices! So once it was clear what I needed, I decided to do it myself, by buying a roll of slate vinyl (15 Euros) and cutting the squares one by one to the same extent. What it takes is to start, but once I got to place the first straight square, the rest was sing.