Cell Phone Ban on New York Schools Soon History

New Yorkhatte so far a remarkably rigid rules regarding cell phones in schools. Theoretically pupils could not even bring their mobile phones on the school grounds. Some schools but renounced the implementation of this regulation and punishing only the use of cell phones during class. 

But others took advantage of even metal detectors – originally installed to find the weapons-to track cell phones. To many this seemed not just exaggerated, but also unfair. Due to the different hard enforcement of regulation there to unequal treatment of the student – depending on what school they attended.

Son Of The Mayor With Mobile In The School

The newly elected at the beginning of the year New York Mayor Bill de Blasio had therefore already in the campaign announced to want to end the ban. This promise he renewed now and said it was vital that parents could bring their children. He also admitted that his own son with take a cell phone to school. The New York City Government is therefore already working on a recast of the regulation. The Overall cell phone ban should have thus already coming to an end.The use is but of course also continue to be prohibited during class and especially during exams and class work. The New York students should be nevertheless pleased by the new rules.

Other than the operators of so-called Mobile buses. They introduced themselves with their vans before schools and offered to keep the smartphones – for a dollar – during school hours. On a school year converted emerged so however cost the students of around $200. To let the cell phone at home came for many still out of the question. Before and after the school therefore partly formed long queues in front of the buses.

Michael Bloomberg Balked A Change

This model came also in addition into criticism as 2012 such a van was stolen and several hundred mobile phones were lost. A public campaign called for the withdrawal of the banby the then Mayor, Michael Bloomberg. This however denied themselves the claims – but also already knew that he would resign from Office a year later. The theme came during the Mayor election campaign 2013 then again on the agenda and the Democrat Bill de Blasio promised a change.

After taking office he did need to worry however more pressing problems, so the mayor since January 01. But now he wants quickly implement his election promise into action. To find a new solution, should not be difficult. Comparable school districts, about Los Angeles or Atlanta, have found long arrangements that take the pure of the phones in the school allow.