Celebrity Baby Names and Their Meanings

You know what is the meaning of your name? Many mothers choose the name of their children because of what they mean. Brazilian celebrities seem to like traditional names, while the international famous choose to exotic and unusual names. We made a list of 10 celebrity baby names along with their meanings for you to inspire.
Creativity seems to be essential for the celebrities choose the name of their children, especially the international stars. Baby names are somewhat unusual, as Summer Rain (“summer rain”, daughter of Christina Aguilera), Apple (“Apple”, daughter of Gwyneth Paltrow) and Sunday Rose (“Sunday rose”, daughter of Nicole Kidman).

The famous Brazilian still prefer the more traditional names for their small and we had many moms who gave

Celebrity Baby Names and Their Meanings

birth in 2015. Some first-timers and others have with your second child. The meanings of baby names arouse curiosity, especially in who’s pregnant, so we brought ten names to inspire you. It is an exotic or traditional name, every mom has a taste and should be respected and chosen by common accord with the dad.

Check out the names and their meanings on Digopaul:

Fernanda Gentle – Gabriel little Gabriel was born on 8/28/2015 and filled the heart of mother Fernanda kind of love. Its name comes from Hebrew and means “man of God”. Is the name of a character in the Bible, which appeared to announce to Mary that she would be the mother of the long-awaited Messiah. In another passage, Gabriel appeared to Zacharias to announce the birth of your son John the Baptist. For being the bearer of good news, Gabriel is regarded as an Archangel, a type of Angel Messenger, and so is also regarded as the “Messenger of God”.

Luana Piovani-Well and Liz
The twins Well and Liz came to the world on 31 August 2015 to join his brother DOM. Liz name is the diminutive of the name Elizabeth in English, meaning “my God is an oath” in Hebrew. We could not find the meaning of Right, in addition to the described in the dictionary “Set of actions that make the person deserved the approval and respect of society”, but during the program “Stars”, the mother Luana Piovani said he wanted a short name and had the same force as the name of the brother, Dom, that in the dictionary appears as “innate Quality; gift, talent “.

Fernanda Machado-Lucca
Fernanda Machado gave birth to Lucca in 6/22/2015 day. Little was born in the United States and is the first child of actress. His name is an Italian variant of the name Luke, which means “that which belongs to light”, “the bright”. The name Lucca would have appeared first in England during the 12th century, in the form of Luke Lukae, and then spread to the rest of Europe and the changes in spelling according to the language of each country.

Bella Falconi – Victoria
Mommy fitness Bella Falconi received Victoria in 8/21/2015 day with great joy! With a special account for little on Instagram, she registers several moments of first daughter. The name Victoria means ‘ victory ‘, “winner”, “the one who wins” and comes from the Latin. Was the name of many Queens and nobles of the European royalty, mostly of British origin. In Roman mythology, Victoria is the goddess who personifies victory and was highly venerated by the ancient Roman society, especially among the generals.

Regiane Alves-Antônio
Antonio was born on 26 August 2015, adding one more Member in the family of Mama Raheem Alves. The smallname has Latin origin Antonius, which in your time originates from Greek Antónios and means valuable, priceless, worthy of appreciation.” There are studies that suggest that the name Antony came from Greek, cochlos meansfeeding on flowers.
Carolina FerrazIzabel
On day 8 of may 2015, Izabel came to brighten the life of mom Carolina Ferraz. The small Hebrew Izebel of origin have a name, which means pure variety. Is assigned as a medieval form of Elizabeth, coming from the HebrewElishebba and means God is an oath or devoted to God.
Luisa MellEnzo
The son of Luisa Mell, Enzo, was born on 2/13/15 and exudes sympathy. The name Enzo has many meanings, among them are Prince of home and winner. Enzo is possibly an Italian version of the name German Heinz, which is a diminutive of Heinrich (Henry, in Portuguese). Heimmeaning “home, House, rik, for your time, means “Lord,Prince, power” and together form Lord of the home, Prince of home or ruler of the House.
Daniela AlbuquerqueAntonella
Mom Daniela Albuquerque gave birth on the day 3/3/15.His second daughter, Antonella, was born of natural childbirth and today makes the joy of everyone in the family,including sister Alice. Antonella means valuable”, valuable or fed flowers. Is an Italian name that works as short for Antonia. The name came from latimAntonius, a Roman family name, which initially was used only as a surname.
Juliana KnustArthur
Arthur was born at the beginning of the year, 2/27/15 day, and since then the mother Juliana Knust is enjoying a lot of the experience with the second son. His name hasuncertain origin and may have arisen from the Celtic language, meaning “stone”, or the Union of art elements, which means bear and ur, meaning “big. Many associate the name with the character of King Arthur, the British folklore.
What do you think of the famous Brazilian names put on your children? The meanings were removed from the site dictionary of proper names and Creative in the first dictionary you’ll find several inspirations for names of boys and girls.
We want to know: what is your favorite name? And when he chose the name of their children, researched the meaning before? Tell us in the comments!