Cat Makeup

Today I bring you a tutorial on how to do this with aquacolores cat makeup. It is, obviously a fantasy makeup.

On this occasion, Laia was kind of demonstration and Silvia was his model. Many thanks to the two.
Step By Step

-We begin by covering the eyebrows. Here’s the tutorial with different techniques so that you choose the best you look. In this case, we did so exclusively with Derma Wax of tears, an artificial meat.

-Very well sealed Derma Wax with loose powder and pressing firmly onto the eyebrow to lower the volume to the Max.
-We apply stick for greater coverage and correction of eyebrow makeup base. We sealed again with loose powder. You can return to repeat the application of both products if it is necessary to give greater coverage.

-Helping a white pencil, we create the sketch of the chosen makeup.

-After completing the sketch, we will proceed to fill with aquacolores and perform the degraded and faded color.

-We started shading the forehead and go down zones, taking care of not stepping on the layout of pencil that we subsequently redelinearemos with the black Bijouterie.

-Once applied the grey and white and have them demoted, proceed to the application of black in the delineated and contours.

-Now with a choral tone we fill the wing of the nose.

-With an eyeliner brush, we’ll light strokes that are lost in the form of hairs, on the black lines of Bijouterie.

-Also we will draw some spots that we will give texture making small zigzags that simulate hairs.

-In the mofletitos of the cat, we engancharemos Mastix with a few strands of thread fish, previously dyed white aquacolor.

-We finished polishing the details and ready.

In this case, apply Silvia fancy contact lenses, which as you can see, a much more sophisticated look give you to makeup.

And for this master class, I did tandem with Alexandra, whom I want to agraceder the afternoon so great that we pass.