Cardboard Furniture

Resistant, cheaper and sustainable: cardboard furniture to meet what many people looking for time to decorate the house. Often used only in protecting or carrying objects, the cardboard ends up being underestimated and going to waste, while it could be part of the decoration of a functional and different way.

The idea of ​​cardboard furniture emerged in the 1960. Frank Gehry was the creator of the first experiments that used the material in furniture design. In 1969, the architect created the Easy Edges chairs made from corrugated cardboard by gluing pre-determined material volumes.

The parts made of cardboard are easy to assemble and transport. Everything is done with folds and grooves and often eliminates the need for glue. The cardboard used for the manufacture of furniture is more durable and harder than usual, ensuring that tables and chairs support the weight of people and household objects, for example.

Besides all these advantages, the furniture and cardboard objects can still be customized, ink, contact paper and tissue adhesive can be applied and transform the furniture into something even more unique.

In addition to the traditional method where the cardboard boards are fitted, the cardboard can also be chopped into small pieces, put sauce in the water and turned into a tough mass, which serves as the basis for furniture, vases, bowls and sculptures.

In Brazil, the tendency of cardboard furniture has gained more space, in the case of 100’t, producing chairs, sofas, shelves, benches and even tables using only cardboard. The banquette Trapeze, for example, supports up to 120 kg.

Sonia Umburanas is customer 100’te furniture account that the child’s room with only the furniture store, spending around R $ 500. “The child usually runs out, it hits hard and the cardboard furniture do not have this problem. You have the problem of holding the finger in the drawers. This was a very important factor for me: mobile security, “Sonia said in an interview with G1 portal.

The good news is that the furniture of 100’t are on sale here in the website. Besides resistant and customizable, there are several colors besides brown kraft classic. You can buy your here.