Can Netherlands Win the World Cup

Every four years the WORLD CUP will be organised. In 2014 for the 20th time. On 12 June 2014 World Cup football was inaugurated in Brazil. Netherlands is one of the thirty-two countries will participate in the tournament and will compete for the world. During the World Cup 2010 Dutch team achieved a creditable second place. But now the question is whether the Dutch 2014 team is as strong as the team of 2010. As a result of the traveling for many football fans than even the question, “Can the Orange win the 2014 World Cup in Brazil?

Sao Paulo is one of the cities where the games are played wk

Netherlands in WORLD CUP

Dutch soccer team does not take from the first World Cup in 1930, took part in the World Cup. Just four years later, i.e. Since 1934 when the WORLD CUP was organised for the second time in Italy, the Netherlands took part in the global tournament. For the first edition in 1930 in Uruguay, which was held on the basis of a decision taken in 1928 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands had not been notified.After the World Cup in 1934 in Italy, took the Dutch team by qualifying nine times in the World Cup.This will allow Orange during the football World Cup in Brazil are in action for the 10th time during the football World Cup. Two times three times finalist Netherlands knew that bargain. But all the times the finals were lost. in 1974, the Netherlands lost to West Germany and 1978 was lost to Argentina in 2010 and Spain turned out to be too strong for the Netherlands.

Netherlands is one of the Favorites for the world title?

In the run-up to the 2014 World Cup are observations regarding the odds for Orange, sharply apart.Netherlands is divided into a strong group b. Group B Netherlands world champions Spain will also next Chile and Australia have found. Many follow the announcement by group classification desperately and expect to Netherlands group stage might not survive. Others have more confidence in Orange and even dare to dream about the title.
According to the Brazilian football legend Pele WORLD CUP where Brazil for four or five big favorites for the world title. According to the Brazilian Germany has the best chance in this Department, but according to Pele is also the Netherlands, Spain, Argentina and Chile are appointed as big favorites.It is striking that three of the Favorites named by Pelé meet each other in the group stage. So it is already clear that one of the Favorites in the Brazilian all will close early.
Gaming companies
Even Pele did not mention his own country, Brazil, as one of the Favorites for the world title in the host country, Brazil is all game companies close down, as the big favourite for the world title and exact Brazil may very well be opponents to the Netherlands in the second round. It is only possible if the Netherlands manages to survive the group stage. After Brazil was Spain, Germany and Argentina are the most likely to win the 2014 World Cup. Netherlands are here now is not mentioned by the bookmakers Favorites to the list.

Netherlands can still win the World Cup?

Netherlands and World Cup 2014 can win, according to experts, there is reasonable and predictable statements to find.
Statistics show that the Dutch team in the coming World Cup chances. Not only based on the result of 2013 against Hungary or match a month earlier when the Dutch team played against Estonia. Experts agree that it is a good and accurate prediction, such as the execution of a football team in a major tournament, is not to base a good profit from a year earlier. Do you want to put any credence in number, it would have to look at the results over a longer period. This information should then be compared with a performance worthy of an equally long period.
The facts
Fall is that there have been only seven times in the last fifty years that the Dutch team in a calendar year, no one’s lost. Only in two cases, the result was an even year, namely the 1972 and 2002. The other five times was not the battle of the Dutch team so in odd years. It was a year before a EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP or WORLD CUP. If you look at the results of odd years, it seems that was always a successful big tournament will be played after an unbeaten calendar year.

Is there clarity about future earnings?

What, according to the facts and experts that is clear is that the Netherlands will be able to survive the group stage and the Netherlands together game survives than Netherlands, it can get very far. It is not inconceivable that the Netherlands right up to the last race will. If we take into account the fact that it can also be different, for example, the Netherlands still flying out early in the eighth finals against Brazil, the home country Brazil, according to statistics the world guaranteed. This view is supported by statistics and opinion of football experts.
Netherlands v Spain
The statistics are nice and informative data sources. Just look at the results from 1974 and 1978 and what the Dutch team did next. It simulates the probable results for 2014 in accordance with the experience the following results: