Buy Clothes Online

There’s a divergent business, like buying clothes on line? Is it safe to buy clothes on line? For many of you this is a issue, overtaken, many women make purchases on the Internet and are already used to it. Some haven’t. Incredible as it may seem. But it is a fact that there are many on line stores out there.

The chart above shows the growth of on line sales in Brazil from 2008 until 2013. The interesting thing is that the R $28 billion moved, fashion accessories and cosmetics match together the 37% of the total.

It’s been a few years since I shop on line, not only clothes, but electronics and what you need. In general, the main advantage of buying on line is that you often pay cheaper, even the freight in Brazil being expensive. If you bring the outside then, forget it. There was a time when the dollar was lower, paying freight + tax the merchandise goes well. But we’re going to have to buy clothes on line.

How To Buy Clothes On line

You are browsing and saw a site or ad selling a cool outfit, you just come in and just decide to want that piece. OK, first thing to do is to check if the site is reliable. If it is a site of a store that has physical address, is renowned you can skip this part.

The site is reliable?

To buy clothes on line you’d have to check if the site is reliable, I type in Google: “site” is reliable? He returns if there are already complaints about the site. When he is not indicated, the website complain here is always the first to appear. Is my thermometer.

Discovering the appropriate numbering

If you found that the site is reliable the second step is to acquire as much information as possible about the piece of clothing. Some site facilitate our lives and put various measures in your site, usually under the name “Action Guide”, it is crucial that you have to hand this information to minimize the risks. If measures are missing or not, contact the site to request.

Take a measuring tape and take your body measurements that are convenient to the piece of clothing that you want. Now compare with the values found on the site and identify what is your numbering. At times, remember that clothes tend to shrink so if you happen to be between two, I suggest that it be a little bigger.

Payment options

You found your numbering and ready to finalize the purchase. If you’re still afraid, choose the payment options that offer more security as PayPal and Paid Market. These means of payment just release the payment when you receive your merchandise. Another option would be to credit card and check. Usually the payment via billet receives a special discount, but the payment is in sight, avoid if your first purchase with an unknown site. You very probably will register on the site, just follow the tips.

Time to finish, verify that the if address is correct. Ready! Just wait.

Return or Exchanges

Many sites make the lives of their customers and if the customer does not like or want to change clothes offer the first free return or Exchange, that is, you do not need to pay the freight back. But it can be that the site is not willing to resolve your problem, in this case, refer to the CDC (consumer code), you are entitled to a period of reflection.

The article 49 says:

“The consumer can withdraw from the contract within 7 days of your signature or deed of receipt of product or service, where the hiring of supply of products and services off-premises occur, especially by phone or domicile.

Sole paragraph. If the consumer exercising the right to cancellation referred to in this article, the values eventually paid, in any capacity, during the reflection period will be returned immediately, monetarily restated.”

Something that works is to create a complaint on the website complain here, if the company is serious, they will contact you quickly to solve the problem in order to maintain your reputation.

These are basic tips for buying clothes on line, it is not difficult and can be very advantageous. But you have to be careful not to fall into any traps.