Best Lock Construction Toys Lego

Constructions and Lego action figures toys are one of the most popular and famous of the world creative toys. The unmistakable Lego plastic bricks allow raise all sorts of constructions and recreate both buildings, cities, historical events, vehicles such as the small human figures, minifigures, very recognizable by his smile and own hands and articulated legs. The toy company Lego had some beginnings humble, being a humble carpentry in which began to build houses and buildings to scale, stairs and blocks of wood to play in the beginning. The Lego name was given in 1934 by the founder of the company, Ole Kirk Christiansen, and its meaning “play well”, defines perfectly the spirit of this toy: play good learning and socializing is, allowing play in family and joining generations around a game creative and imaginative. Thanks to the simplicity and versatility of its parts and its association with the world of cinema and today, Lego has launched successfully thousands of construction games.

The saga of games Lego Star Wars, started in 2005, the Indiana Jones (2008), Batman (2008), Harry Potter (2010) or the Lord of the rings (2012), and the corresponding animated films in Lego version, have managed to multiply the success of this Danish company.

The best games of Lego constructions

Constructions of Lego games are designed for players from 1 year and a half up to 99 years. A world of possibilities to give free rein to the imagination building all kinds of buildings and vehicles, scenarios for living the best adventures: play.

LEGO Duplo sets for children

Children have a range of building sets in Lego Duplo range. Fun colors, parts of large size, but user-friendly for the trotters of the infant and preschool children, allow toddlers to discover and play with objects like cars, houses or animals everyday. For a year and a half and three years olds Lego Duplo presents sets of vehicles for babies, buildings or blocks and bases with wheels. For children aged 2 to 5 years, Lego Duplo offers hours of fun with sets of construction of large vehicles such as large wheel loader, train numbers, the garbage truck or bus from the zoo. Other buildings of interest boxes is stable; a small farm pink with flowers and small animals.

Lego briefcases

For children aged 4 to 8 years, Lego has launched cases constructions of blue and pink respectively. The cases include simple installation components that allow children to assemble gas stations, cars and small cottages. Other sets specially designed for girls are the series Lego Friends. A series in which the main characters are sympathetic 5 friends who spend together great adventures outdoors. The two new sets are Caravan’s adventures and the pool of Heratlake City.

Lego City series

A series of sets dedicated to the construction of large vehicles such as concrete mixers, fuel trucks or helicopters, among others. Lego City sets are suitable for children from 5 to 12 years.

For children aged 8 to 14

For the older, Lego has designed in games based on movies and animated action series such as Batman, Star Wars and Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles. This season have come new sets and movies on DVD. Specifically, the saga Star Wars you can get the DVDs of the Empire against all and the threat Padawan, and feel like an authentic Jedi building and managing the X-wing Starfighter, an AT-RT, a Geonosian Cannon, the A-wing Starfighter or recalling scenes as the battle of Hoth. Sets of Star Wars of easier mounting as the Clone Troopers are also designed for children from 6 years vs Droidekas, the Republic Troopers vs. Sith troopers, Elite Clooner Trooper & Commando Droid Battle Pack or Endoe Rebel Trooper, Imperial Trooper Battle Pack.

From Ninja turtles you can mount the destroyer robot of Baxter or revive Lair from Batman and Robin thanks to the sets of Lego superheroes to flee.


But if you want to attend some of the giant constructions Lego organized around the world as well as learn about the latest in Lego toys also, we recommend one of the most original moment. Nowadays, and after samples like in the demo of Star Wars displayed in New York last may, Cultural Association of fans of Lego constructions of Spain has just opened an exhibition dedicated to the story of the man from his appearance on Earth. The sample is located in the Museum of human evolution in Burgos, Spain, and it reproduces the iconic and world-renowned Paleolithic site of Atapuerca, cradle of the Homo antecessor. The sample, as well as a reflection on the historical evolution of Spain and the game as part of the evolution and development of the man, invites the visitor to find the figures that are located outside its historical epoch. This large model, with some 200,000 pieces and more than three months of splendid work, can be visited until January 2014.