Bubblis, a New Point of View, The Words Games

Google Play we are crowded of various word games, without excessive news coming out of crossword puzzles, Word searches and the mythical Apalabrados. But we have encountered with the game Bubblis, Spanish developer ON CREATIVE GAME, S.L..

In this game combines the mechanics of connect 4 with the formation of words. The top will fall there are letters that we will have that forms a Word, but the trick comes with words to form. And it is that in each row it is a Word and we should shape it in that same row.

If we get high without forming a word we can but we got letters from the words of each row, you can opt to get a combo if we form a word in a top row. It is a simple, fun and addictive game which It will make the likes of downtimes.

The only problem that I find in gameplay is that letters take something in form, but except that the game is very nice to play. The game is to 1.59€, a very acceptable price but that surely would like a lite advertising or limited version.

Bubblis Version 1.0

  • Version of Android: Since 2.2
  • Developer: ON CREATIVE GAME, S.L.
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: 1.59€
  • Category: Games

BUBBLIS game that you get obsessed with

Be ready because, to every corner of the world, storm clouds loaded with letter-filled bubbles are arriving. Use them to create the words that Bubblis suggests to you with the help of the friendly Bleeb, who will collaborate in your task by giving you more to complete the rounds or putting wings on the bubbles so that they descend more slowly. But take care! The evil Bloob won´t think twice when it comes to foiling your task, throwing bubbles filled with smoke, steam, and ink, among other things. However, thanks to the game´s special features you will be able to face up to all adversities in a way which is unique and fun. We´ll give you a hint: When Bloob fills your screen with smoke, blow in the device microphone to scatter it.