Broken Sword – The Serpent’s Curse Confirms His Departure for Android in Full Campaign Financing

The gender of the graphic adventures It is not a genre that’s a great expectation in the general public, but it does so in an audience that stays true to the genre since the release of the first titles to computer. Right now they are not at their best and it is always nice to find a new title, and if you reach Android thing may not improve.

It is the case of Broken Sword – The Serpent’s Curse, an adventure game created by Revolution Software company which began a campaign of funding by the broken system of crowdfunding. At the beginning, it was announced that this game would be brought to mobile devices, but it seems that there was great confusion in this regard.

A few hours ago have confirmed that the Android game is within one of the rewards for investing in the project, in particular that of the $25. Financing of the game now is rewarded in this way.

  • For $ 15: Game on PC and Mac, diary of developers, access to a forum capable of intervention in the game and the game file
  • For $ 25: The previous reward, ebook with history, art, book of conceptual art, soundtrack and game on GOG of Revolution Software and mobile game
  • For $ 50: Previous rewards and script of the game, design documents, all games of Revolution Software in GOG and mention of silver in the credits of the game
  • For 100$: The previous rewards, physical Edition of the game with comics, CD/DVD, disc of the soundtrack, mention of gold in appropriations and Kickstarter exclusive t-shirt, a poster
  • For 250$: Previous rewards and printed designs signed by the director, the history book signed, hanging game, signed comics, monthly invitation Code Jam to ask live and receive direct responses and mention of Knight in the credits
  • For 500$: The previous rewards certificate signed backer, signed poster, book of notes “La Liberte”, signed prints and mention as a Knight Commander in the credits of the game. Limited to 1000 rewards
  • For 1000$: The previous rewards, letter written by Charles Cecil, early access to game content, Kickstarter, Cap and mention as Knight Seneschal in appropriations special Sweatshirt. Limited to 1000 rewards
  • By 5000$: The previous rewards, voice message, invitation to a party in United Kingdom (does not include transportation or stay), drawing choice yours, jacket and mention of master Knight credits. Limited to 50 rewards
  • By $ 10,000: Previous rewards, limited jacket that replaces the previous jacket, original storyboard sheets in pencil with the option to be signed, printed poster on aluminium, food with developers (includes stay but not travel), party with developers in an exotic place (includes stay but not travel), your own illustration that appears in the game and the title of Grandmaster in the credits. Limited to 8 rewards