Bridesmaid Dresses of Short and Long Marriage

Be invited to maid of honor is seen by many women as an honor because normally when this happens it means that you are a very important person for the couple, so it’s vital to rise to the invitation as a way to thank and pay tribute to the affection.

The choice of dress is one of the great dilemmas for those who will be in evidence at the altar, but cannot draw more attention than the bride. There are many myths about what the bridesmaids may or may not use in ceremonies. Black godmother at the altar can? And short dress at night?

Even brides are more freedom to wear colorful dresses and transparency, and ensure that experts in the case of bridesmaids, all shades (including prints) are released from the modeling and the fabric enhance the body.

How to Wear Bridesmaid Dresses

The choice of fabric is basically determined by the time and place where the wedding will be held, weddings during the day require light dresses with slits and even rents (the satins should be avoided because of excessive brightness).

One must know how will the ceremony, it will be only in civil, just in religious or both. Whether it is formal or informal and even the schedule and time of the event. The white should be unique bride, and black is released only for the guests. The ideal length is below the knee. Before you start thinking about what to use, you need to understand that regardless of relationship to the people who will get married, it is essential to respect the determinations required by them. See more on

  • Bridesmaid dresses: the morning wedding The pastel colors, pink and blue are the most appropriate, and the use of the hat is recommended only in very exquisite parties and after joint decision of the other bridesmaids and the bride.
  • Bridesmaid dresses: wedding afternoon allows the use of bright colors such as grape tones, wine, moss green and royal blue. The embroideries are also released, as they are good options as well as the discrete shines. The shoe must follow the same tonality of the chosen dress.
  • Bridesmaid dresses: wedding night The strongest colors can be used without fear, silver, turquoise, gray, lilac and violet are the most suitable tones. Safety and comfort are important, so we recommend the use of sandals with medium and thicker heels.
  • Accessories for godmothers accessories are free, but must be elegant. Pearls accessories are a good choice, as besides being discrete, combine with everything. Shoes should follow the elegance of the whole costume, and the low-cut models should be accompanied by a scarf.
  • Short dresses godmothers is recommended only in a ceremony during the day, extremely informal and in the case of a very young godmother. The sponsor has an important role, as is the other guests. On the altar is always recommended to use long dress, regardless of modeling.
  • Bridesmaid dresses for pregnant Wear light fabrics that help to give lightness to the look, patterned dresses soften the belly, and necklines and models of a shoulder should be avoided.
  • Dresses for tall and thin godmothers Use large prints and avoid looks of the same color.
  • Bridesmaids dresses for plus size Use dresses with necklines in V or U, the ideal is to draw attention to the face, shoulders and neck. It is important to avoid loose clothing and very large prints, you can abuse the dark colors.
  • Dresses for bridesmaids incredibly low Avoid using the famous Ankle (knee length flattens silhouette), the dresses that drag on the ground, and with horizontal prints. We recommend a color dress only with the V-neck or trapezius because lengthens the silhouette.

Important Tips

  • Try to see if the fit is ideal for your body;
  • Long is not mandatory, but ensures more elegance, and is inappropriate for a sponsor using short dress;
  • very low-cut models should be used with scarves, at least during the ceremony;
  • For parties during the day invest in light colors (especially nude, champagne and pastel);
  • Floral guarantee always stunning visuals;
  • Lace and transparency soften the look;
  • Wine, emerald, gray and teal are naturally elegant colors;
  • Tails and slits should be discrete;
  • For chubby, ideal are dressed with wider straps;
  • The use of a working and elegant bolero disguises the extra pounds and;
  • Bet on accessories to enhance the production, always giving priority to harmony.