Bridal Bouquet Examples That Inspire!

You are still looking for bridal bouquet examples? Do not know what color, which flowers and which form is right for your wedding bouquet? Here we have one example after another for you, so you can be inspired!

From delicate pink and pastel tones to bright red and purple to lavender and green or even gray/white – you will be surprised how diverse wedding bouquets can be!

In this Uptonstyles, we will show you the bunch of wedding bouquets that the wedding photographer JDHowell Photography has recorded during his weddings:

  1. Bridal bouquets in pink & pastel
  2. Bridal bouquets in red & white
  3. Bridal bouquet in purple
  4. Bridal bouquet in blue & green
  5. Bridal bouquet at winter wedding

If you are unsure which flowers are available in the month of your wedding, check out our flower lexicon!

Examples: bridal bouquet in pink and pastel

Dreamy, romantic and gentle, the wedding mood with the brides with bright bridal bouquets feels.Whether pink or other pastel shades like delicate turquoise – the soft colors fit well to the relaxed wedding in nature.

Bridal bouquet examples in red

With this great bridal bouquet in the color coral, Gerbera are the focus.The modern bridal bouquet looks cheeky but has a romantic touch.

In this bridal bouquet example, the bride has decided to go completely white: to the white dress, she also wears a white bridal bouquet. The bridesmaid dresses with red bridesmaid dresses and a small ostrich in red and white provide the color.

Bridal bouquet illustration in purple

Very vivid and with great contrast to the white wedding dress is this bridal bouquet in purple with white callas and pink roses.Matching the bridesmaids wear dresses in bright lilac.

Blue and green – an illustration of bridal bouquet

Blue or even lavender is popular as a shade not only for maritime wedding. In addition, the bright green and the bridal bouquet stands out wonderfully from the white wedding dress.

Bridal bouquet Example of winter wedding

Gray mood is not guaranteed with this bridal bouquet in gray and white tones. You can find more examples of bridal bouquets at the winter time in our article “Your Bridal Bouquet in Winter: Tips & Examples”.

The photos of the wonderful bridal bouquets are from the wedding photographer JDHowell Photography.

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Inspirations to orchids & lilies

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Sample bridal bouquets in pink & pink

A beautiful contrast to the white wedding dress also offer the colors pink and pink. Girlish, romantic and delicate, the princess bridal bouquet comes in pink or pink .Let yourself be inspired by some sample pictures and tips!

Wedding bouquets with callas

Noble and elegant is the Calla and therefore ideal for brides who celebrate a pompous, chic wedding.

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Example of bridal bouquets in purple or blue

Powerful colors: With the “bridal bouquet in seductive purple or blue” you put great color accents.

Be inspired by our beautiful example pictures!